Civil Rights Violation Lawyer Baltimore

Civil Rights Violation Lawyer Baltimore Civil Rights Violation Lawyer Baltimore 

The aftermath of experiencing police brutality can be a disorienting time that is full of unknowns. In fact, it may be tempting to ignore the maltreatment you may have experienced at the hands of law enforcement because you are unsure of what the road ahead may be. It may seem like an easier route to ignore your experience. You may be left feeling ashamed and angry for the abuse you experienced, especially if you did nothing to escalate the situation. The ways in which you are processing your experience are almost certainly normal and it is important to understand that you are not alone. Too many Americans have first-hand experience with police brutality. Thankfully, it is possible to seek justice for the harm you have suffered. Speaking with an experienced Baltimore civil rights violation lawyer will not compel you to file legal action. But it will help you to preserve your legal options in the event that you choose (sooner or later on) to file a legal claim related to your situation.

When thinking about scheduling a consultation, please know that the attorneys at Greenberg Law Offices approach each situation we face uniquely, because there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to infractions upon your civil rights. We are dedicated and passionate about providing people with the legal representation that they deserve.

Types of Police Brutality

Police brutality can manifest in different ways. Recognizing when you have been a victim of police brutality will be vital when considering taking legal action. You will want to contact a Baltimore civil rights violation lawyer as soon as possible if you believe you were mistreated during an interaction with law enforcement.  Some situations that occur may be so subtle; that you may not even realize what has happened until later down the road. Being able to spot the signs is a key way to help identify when your rights have been violated. Here are some of the most common types of police brutality:

Sexual Abuse or Harassment: If law enforcement officers or correctional officers take sexual advantage of a person in their custody, these officers may be charged with sexual abuse or harassment. Sexual harassment and abuse of inmates is a systematic problem and a number of cases still go unreported.

Excessive Force: Police have been known to be physically aggressive when arresting a person. It is possible for this to occur with a firearm, taser gun or police baton. A person may experience significant trauma as a result of this interaction with police.

Discrimination Based on Race or Other Protected Characteristics: Another example of police maltreatment is racial profiling and discrimination. No person should be mistreated or pulled over by law enforcement solely because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or other protected characteristic.

Police are charged with protecting citizens from harm that may come to them when another person breaks the law. What happens when the harm comes directly from the police officer? Distrust is likely to form as a result. Unfortunately, this is a reality that a number of communities must contend with on a daily basis. But you do not have to navigate this challenge alone. Please allow our legal team to be of service to you. Please consider connecting with our Baltimore civil rights violation lawyers today. We would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding what your next steps could potentially be.


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