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Answers to Common Questions About DWI in Maryland

DWI Lawyer Towson MDAt the Greenberg Law Offices, we have long been a trusted choice when drivers need a DWI lawyer Towson MD offers. Call our office today to speak with an attorney who may review your DWI case and provide information about your legal options.

A DWI lawyer in Towson MD from the Greenberg Law Offices may answer questions specific to your case. What follows is some general information that may be helpful to you before you meet with an attorney.

Will I lose my driver’s license because of a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge?

Your arresting officer may have already taken away your driver’s license, but you have the legal right to defend your driving privileges. After reviewing your case, a DWI lawyer Towson MD drivers turn to from the Greenberg Law Offices may defend you in court. Depending on your age, driving record, and previous infractions (if any), your attorney could argue that you should not lose your license.

Am I going to have to have to go to jail for my DWI?

This will depend in large part on several factors including:

  • If you have prior convictions for DWI or DUI that will count against you
  • The percentage of your blood alcohol content when you were tested after being pulled over
  • Your age

When your case is reviewed by a DWI lawyer Towson MD residents trust, you’ll have a much clearer picture of how much, if any, jail time you may be facing.

What amount of fines will I have to pay for a DWI in Maryland?

In Maryland, the maximum fine is currently $500. It’s possible for this to change at any time, however. Other states may have varying penalties for DWI convictions.

What is the maximum of jail time I could get for a DWI in Maryland?

Though you may have to spend as much as 60 days in jail if found guilty of a DWI in Maryland, a Towson DWI lawyer from the Greenberg Law Offices may be able to negotiate a shorter sentence for you. Our attorneys have a very strong record defending our clients who have been charged with DWIs and DUIs.

Is it really possible that I could have been driving while impaired after only one drink?

In Maryland, as in every state, you are guilty of DWI if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is at least .08%. This limit can be reached sooner or easier by some than by others. However, there are many factors that can affect a person’s BAC:

  • Alcohol tolerance of the individual
  • The time frame in which the alcohol drinks were consumed
  • If food was also ingested around the same time the alcohol was consumed
  • Body mass
  • Fatigue level before consuming the alcohol

A DWI lawyer Towson MD motorists turn to in similar circumstances may review the police report to confirm that they did not violate your rights, including if the police had reason to pull you over.

Protect Your Rights

As stressful as a DWI can be, you do not have to go through the legal process alone. A skilled attorney who thoroughly understands the law may defend you against DWI charges and possibly have them dropped or reduced. When fighting a DWI, there are very important deadlines that can’t be missed. Call us at the Greenberg Law Offices immediately for a free consultation with a DWI lawyer Towson MD provides.

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