Greenberg Law Offices

Joshua Lawson

Toni and M.C, although I didn’t get to meet with your teams, you all rocks🎸!most definitely 👈. And the front secretary lady, what a hard working & ‘can’t imagine how many calls she route out to her colleagues! I know I called a lot of times too. By the way, I have my own rating

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Kimberly Jarrell

The Greenberg Law Office has been a tremendous support during a very turbulent time in my life. Every step of the way I could count on them to make arrangements and smooth the way after my work injury. Their attention to detail and conscientiousness have been a blessing and I thank them from the bottom

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Beth Dernelakis

Outstanding service!! I went through a very painful divorce and Toni Holcomb did an amazing job. Not only did she handle all of the twists and turns for the last year and a half, but she was kind and compassionate. My divorce presented many challenges and Toni was just a phone call or email away

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Awesome Attorney

We felt very comfortable with Mr. Greenberg and felt like he truly cared about winning our case. He was very accessible and responded to our emails and phone calls in a timely manner. Although he had a very busy schedule handling other cases, we always felt like our case was important to him and that

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Excellent attorney

I hired larry at Greenberg law firm and I must say he definitely is worth well more than he charges . He handles your case himself unlike most other firms and he does it very well. Facing jail time is a stressful enough thing but I must say I felt perfectly safe . He keeps

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Highly Recommended Lawyer

Larry and his firm protected my interests and well being after a car accident. The other driver was under insured. Larry’s knowledge and experience allowed me to get the help I needed while my own insurance company could have cared less. Posted by Patrick 

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Larry Greenberg Attorney

Best attorney I have ever used by far. I have used Mr Greenberg many times I have been absolutely more than satisfied in every case.highly responsive very ethical extremely good in a courtroom Posted by Randy 

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Larry the Life Saver

I was in wholly unfamiliar territory with my case and Larry actually met with me on his day off to discuss it with me. This was a real help to me because waiting several days before seeing a lawyer would have multiplied the stress. I was facing outrageous charges for what should have been a

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Larry Greenberg

Larry is very honest, prompt and professional. He always discusses all options and possibilities, good and bad of the cases. Yes I have retained Larry for help with multiple situations. We have always been very satisfied with his service. Posted by Mike

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Jane Blankenship

Was hired at time of auto accident. Hired a few more times for family members,. Alway personal and helpful . Treated my family as it was his own . Would never considered any other attorney. Posted by janie Blankenship 

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Top-tier lawyer that consistently delivers RESULTS

Larry is a non-stop lawyer with a deep breadth of understanding of both legal and procedural matters. With a tough case, he was able to accurately and successfully argue fact-based and procedural defense, which led to a successful dismissal of my case. I strongly recommend his services. He will work hard and diligently for you.

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Greenberg Law Firm

Larry and his family were outstanding. They guided my family with not only legal advice, but some personal advice as well. Larry went above and beyond with his connections to get me some help I needed. Highly recommended! Posted by john 

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