Medical Malpractice Attorney Baltimore MD 

Medical Malpractice Attorney Baltimore MD 

Everyone expects to receive quality healthcare when they go to the doctor. Hospital staff are supposed to treat you for whatever ailment or symptoms that you have. If you do not receive the appropriate care, or experience delays in your or other issues, you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim. A lawyer who has specific experience assisting medical malpractice clients has the skill set to effectively advocate for you and seek the highest possible compensation amount you are entitled to obtain. Here are some of the case scenarios that a medical malpractice lawyer can help you with. 

Anesthesia Error

Many medical malpractice incidents involve some type of anesthesia error. Patients require anesthesia if they are undergoing surgery, whether it is a minor or major one. They may have to be partially or completely asleep. If a nurse or other staff member fails to do the preparations prior to surgery, it can result in a lack of oxygen being sent to the patient’s brain, which can lead to brain damage. 


Doctors must correctly diagnose a patient by monitoring their symptoms and evaluating their medical history. However, there are rare instances when a medical professional makes an error. They may confuse symptoms of one condition for another. This error can be life-threatening or fatal. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a doctor or other healthcare professional, a medical malpractice lawyer like one at Greenberg Law Offices can help you. 

Prescription Error 

Receiving the wrong medication can also be a life-threatening or fatal mistake. This can happen when a pharmacy worker or nurse confuses a medication or gives a patient several medications that cannot be combined. A patient can also suffer harm if they are given the wrong instructions or dosage amount of a drug. Patients can suffer long-term health complications such as blood clots, bleeding, and organ failure. 

Misinterpretation of Lab Results 

Doctors order lab results for patients to monitor things like blood sugar levels or cholesterol. Patients may need certain prescriptions if their levels are too low or high. If lab results are not interpreted correctly, the wrong actions can be taken. A doctor might mistakenly think that a lab result is normal and fail to prescribe the right medication or explain the need for a patient to make critical lifestyle changes.

There are many cases that a medical malpractice lawyer like one at Greenberg Law Offices can work on. For more information schedule a consultation now. 

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