Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Baltimore

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Baltimore Motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore

When you are in a motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you should speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD recommends. Unfortunately, motorcycles are inherently dangerous because of the way they are built. Unlike other vehicles on the road, motorcycles do not have a natural way of protecting you such as a roof or walls. Thus, when you get into an accident with a bigger vehicle like a car or a truck, you are at a much higher chance than they are for sustaining serious injuries. A Baltimore motorcycle accident lawyer from Greenberg Law Offices wants you to know that you have an attorney on your side who you can trust. Please contact our office if you have been in an accident. 

What are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents?

There are certain situations that are much more likely to happen when you are riding a motorcycle. A motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, Maryland residents trust discusses these scenarios below.

-Speeding. Speeding can apply to either the motorcycle rider or other vehicle drivers on the road. Speeding happens to be one of the top causes of any kind of accident on the road, and when it comes to motorcyclists, it can be even easier to speed since you can zip in and out of lanes easier.

-Head-On Collisions. Head-on collisions are common and also the most dangerous thing that can happen to a motorcyclist. Even if the rider is wearing the proper safety gear–a helmet, leather jacket, pants, boots, and gloves, a head-on collision could cause permanent damage or more likely death.

-Car Doors. They may seem innocent enough, but car doors cause many accidents for motorcyclists and bicyclists. When someone opens their car door right in front of a motorcyclist, even a motorcyclist who isn’t speeding could total their bike or go flying from their motorcycle causing broken bones or brain damage.

-Dangerous Conditions. Rain, ice, snow, damaged roads: these are all things that a motorcyclist should look out for when they are driving. Any one of these could cause the motorcycle to swerve or slide and injure the driver.

-Suddenly Stopping. When the person in front of you suddenly stops or a light turns red and you stop your motorcycle abruptly, you may be happy that you aren’t getting a ticket for going through a red light. However, the person behind you may not be paying attention to you, the road, or the traffic signals, making this one of the most common reasons a motorcycle collision may occur. Drivers on the road are supposed to leave a four-second distance between themselves and a motorcycle.

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