Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore

Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore

Sex Crimes Lawyer in BaltimoreIf you were recently arrested for supposedly harming or sexually assaulting your soon-to-be ex-spouse, then it’s time to get legal help from a Maryland Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore from Greenberg Law Offices. It probably goes without saying that tensions and emotions tend to be running high as two people are going through a divorce. Arguments may arise, lies may be told, and tensions can continue to grow.

Tragically, one spouse may stoop so low that they actually accuse the other of violence or sexual assault when it didn’t really happen. These false accusations can ruin a person’s life and reputation, along with causing the divorce to become even more turbulent. 

Evaluating The Report and Evidence

After obtaining legal representation, your MD Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore can talk you through the process of handling a sexual assault accusation. Firstly, we will need to know as much information about what happened as possible. During your appointment, it is important that you bring forward any and all evidence pertaining to the incident. For example, we can benefit from:

  • Hearing a recording of the 911 call that you or your ex made
  • Speaking with loved ones to can attest to your good character
  • Reviewing medical documentation if your spouse went to the doctor
  • Understanding the emotional/mental state of your ex-spouse 
  • Reading the police report of the incident
  • Photographs or video recording related to the incident in question
  • Evaluating clothing items that were worn during the supposed incident 
  • Whether the home shows signs of struggle 
  • Whether your ex claims you used a weapon against them

Based on this information, we can decide whether the sexual assault and violence charges against you are considered minor or major. We will also need to know if you had said anything to an officer or your ex that could potentially incriminate you. During the initial appointment with a Baltimore, MD Sex Crimes Lawyer at Greenberg Law Offices, transparency is essential. If you can be completely forthcoming, it can make all the difference in your case.

Potential Defenses for Sexual Assault

A Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland understands that divorce can cause people to do and say things that aren’t true. Your ex could be motivated to create a false story about you as a way to get ahead in the divorce case or just to seek revenge. While this is not a complete list of possible defenses, here are just a couple examples of defense strategies that we may use: 


  • You didn’t do the crime. We will try to gather evidence in support of the claim that you just didn’t do the crime. Perhaps you weren’t there at the location that your spouse claims you were. We can show evidence that you were somewhere else entirely when the supposed sexual assault incident happened.
  • Your spouse fabricated the story. If your spouse has a history or lying or a mental disorder that causes them to make up events that never happened, then you must inform your lawyer. We can try to show how your ex is mentally unstable which led to them making the entire story up. In addition to this defense, it can be very influential to have a strong alibi.  


We can imagine how scary it can be to be accused of sexual assault. If you are currently in such a predicament then we suggest contacting a Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore at Greenberg Law Offices right away. 

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