2 killed, 4 injured in Baltimore car accident

2 killed, 4 injured in Baltimore car accident

Regardless of the location or the number of vehicles involved, any accident on the road can lead to serious injury or even death. In the event that multiple vehicles are involved, there is a much greater chance of several people being injured or killed. A recent three-car accident in Baltimore County left four people injured, while killing two others.

According to recent reports, the accident occurred at the intersection of Thornton Mill Road and York Road at approximately 10 p.m. on Nov. 7, 2013. This is a common time for car accidents to occur, due to the fact that it is dark outside, but there are still plenty of drivers on the road.

As a result of the accident, three people were taken to local area hospitals for treatment. Along with this, a fourth person was taken to Shock Trauma.

Immediately following the accident, there was no news on the condition of the four people who were injured. Along with this, authorities had yet to release names or information regarding those who were killed in the accident.

Our local readers are well aware that auto accidents occur throughout Baltimore County on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this one led to the death of two people, as well as injuries sustained by four others.

With three cars involved in this accident, the number of people killed and injured reached six. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, a personal injury attorney can work on your behalf to protect your rights and help you receive compensation for your injuries.

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