3 Important Factors in a Custody Case

3 Important Factors in a Custody Case

1. Stability

How stable is the environment of where the child/children will be living in?  Your Arlington TX divorce lawyer will need to know about employment history as well as any other possible interventions from government agencies.  A stable job will show the Court the ability to adequately provide for the child and/or children.  Another portion of stability also includes living arrangements.  For example, if a child is living with a parent in a one bedroom apartment this may be adequate but not if another party is cohabiting in the same home.  Another scenario may be when stepchildren are residing in the home.   There must be ample accommodations for everyone.

2.   Emotional Health of All

A battle for custody can be an emotional roller coaster for any family.  It is best to keep all communication regarding the details of the proceedings from the child and/or children involved.  Maintaining a positive attitude may be challenging, but ultimately rewarding when the children are not emotionally affected by the custody proceedings.  Refrain from saying negative things about the other party in front of the child and/or children.  Avoiding negativity will benefit everyone during the process.  Your custody attorney may even ask you to keep a journal of daily thoughts in order to let go of any anxiety you may experience.  Journals are great tools to relieve stress and provide an emotional outlet for wellbeing.

3. Accessibility of Parent

Your custody attorney will also ask about your work schedule.  Jobs that harbor late work hours take precious time away from family.  One might consider changing job responsibilities if extensive travel is required.  Children will need their parents to be accessible during this time of change.  Sometimes children may often require more attention from their parents because of the new emotions they are experiencing and seek the parents for support.  The support system must be there or else it will possibly deteriorate the relationship with the child and/or children.

Thanks to our friend and blog author, Brandy Austin of Brandy Austin Law, PLLC, for her insight into custody litigation.

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