4 injured, 2 children dead in Route 50 multi-car crash

4 injured, 2 children dead in Route 50 multi-car crash

Four people were hospitalized for injuries and two children died in a fiery, multi-vehicle pileup on Route 50 east of the Beltway in Maryland. The three-vehicle car accident occurred on a Friday evening along the eastbound roadway not far from Martin Luther King Highway.

Police reports say the fatal collision began when a Glenarden driver rear-ended a vehicle driven by a 43-year-old man. Both drivers exited the vehicle to talk about the car accident, leaving both damaged vehicles in the passing lane of eastbound Highway 50.

Two children, an 11-year-old boy and a 2-year-old, remained in the Glenarden woman’s car while the drivers exchanged information and spoke outside. The toddler reportedly was secured in a car seat.

Reports say a third car, driven by a Bowie man, suddenly slammed into the rear of the vehicle containing the children, shoving the vehicle left into the center median. The car struck the median and went up in flames with the children trapped inside.

Several attempts by passing motorists and volunteer emergency responders to rescue the two children were thwarted by the heat and intensity of the blaze. No one could get near enough to the fire to attempt a rescue. Tragically, neither child survived the fire.

The drivers of all three cars and a passenger in the third car were transported to area hospitals for treatment. The severity of the accident victims’ injuries and their conditions were not reported.

Maryland State Police have released no further details and are continuing to investigate the fatal three-car collision in Prince George’s County.

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