7 Safety Tips for Halloween

7 Safety Tips for Halloween

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Halloween can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. Dressing up in a costume allows you to take a break from your mundane life, and there are lots of events, such as trick-or-treating and Halloween parties to enjoy. Unfortunately, a special occasion such as Halloween also poses its own unique risks, as a pedestrian accident lawyer in Kansas City, MO from a firm like Royce Injury Attorneys LLC can explain. Parents and kids can observe the following tips to enjoy the holiday without any accidental injuries.

1. Stay with a Group

Kids going out trick-or-treating should never go alone. Older kids may be able to go with a group of friends, while younger kids should go out with parents. In either case, the whole group should stick together no matter what.

2. Plan a Route

Parents accompanying little kids should plan a trick-or-treating route beforehand. Older kids should either plan their route with a parent or receive a responsible adult’s approval before setting out. Trick-or-treating routes should stick to well-lit areas that are familiar to all parties.

3. Schedule a Time Limit

Parents should determine ahead of time how long trick-or-treating will last. Older children should be informed of the time at which they should come home.

4. Use Electronics Responsibly

It may be a good idea for at least one member of a group of older children trick-or-treating alone to carry a cell phone to call home in case they need help. This prevents them from having to go into a stranger’s home, which can be dangerous. However, you should still emphasize safe and responsible use of electronic communication. These devices should only be used in case of emergency, and if children have to call home, they should stop in a safe space while talking on the phone.

5. Be Visible

Most Halloween activities take place after dark. Decreased visibility combined with increased foot traffic make it more likely that pedestrians could be hit by a car. Halloween costumes should be light-colored and/or enhanced with reflective tape to help drivers see pedestrians.

6. Obey All Traffic Laws

Due to the increased risk of being hit by a car, trick-or-treaters should be extra cautious in observing all traffic laws. Pedestrians should cross at the crosswalks, watch for traffic, stay on the sidewalk or the correct side of the road if none are available, and obey all traffic signals.

7. Wait to Eat Candy

Children should never eat candy obtained trick-or-treating until after they get home and an adult has had a chance to look at it.

Despite your best efforts, Halloween accidents can happen. Contact a law office if you or a family member becomes injured as a result of a holiday mishap for which someone else is at fault.

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