A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Answers Your Questions

A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Answers Your Questions

Becoming injured at work may mean many things: if it was just a bruise, you may think nothing of it and continue with work as if it did not happen. However, if you injured yourself more severely and are unable to return to work for weeks or even permanently, you should consider calling a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. Many people are embarrassed to file a workers’ compensation claim or to “complain” to their boss that they sustained an injury because they believe it may be an inconvenience or they should just roll with it. However, it is in your best interest to get help so you are not left paying for large medical bills. Workers’ compensation is designed specifically for this purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I am self-employed. Do I need workers’ compensation insurance?
When you are self-employed, you will find that most states do not require you to carry workers’ compensation insurance when you are the only employee. However, you should look into your state laws if you are interested in purchasing this type of coverage. 

What are the common types of workers’ compensation claims?
We have seen many workers’ compensation claims in our line of work and know that some are more common than others. Some of the most common are:


  • Reinstatement Petition. During this time, you may be receiving medical benefits because of an injury but you are not receiving wage loss benefits. When you work with a workers’ compensation attorney, they can file a reinstatement petition so that you can get your wage loss benefits. It is important to speak with your attorney instead of the insurance company about this. 
  • Loss of Wages Petition. This is one of the first things that you would want to file for if you missed time at work or are unable to perform the same type of work that you were performing before your injury. 
  • Lump-Sum Settlement. Many insurance carriers may wish to offer you a lump sum settlement. This can seem attractive at first because what they are offering you sounds like a great deal of money. However, speak with your attorney before accepting any offer because it will likely be much less than what they really owe you. 


What steps should I take after I am injured at work?
The first thing you should do is report your injury to your manager or supervisor if you can. Even if the injury is minor, it is important that you are on record stating you became injured. Regardless of how minor your injury may seem, you should leave work and get a doctor to medically examine you. You want to ensure you are healthy enough to go back to work or that you are not making your injury and recovery time even worse by going back to work.

Always remember, you have the right to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney about your workers’ compensation claim and the injuries you sustained on the job. Call now to speak with an attorney, like a workers’ compensation lawyer in Manitowoc, WI., today.

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