Accident Injury Lawyer

Accident Injury Lawyer

How Much Does It Cost To Hire an Accident Injury Lawyer?

Accident Injury Lawyer

In personal injury cases, the situations can vary greatly. While most personal injury lawyers are equipped to handle the twists and turns of the case, the costs could be drastically different from one case to the next. How will you know how much to expect to pay when you hire a lawyer for personal injury? There are a few factors that could play a role in the cost.

Lawyer Fees

Many personal injury lawyers charge on a contingency fee basis, though they could also charge a flat fee or an hourly rate. A contingency fee is a percentage that the lawyer takes out of the settlement if you win the case. If the case is lost, the lawyer doesn’t take a fee for his or her services. For example, if your lawyer’s contingency fee is 33% and your case ends with a settlement of $50,000, your lawyer would take $16,500. If you lost the case, you wouldn’t pay the fee at all.

The percentage of your lawyer’s contingency fee will depend on several factors, but many lawyers charge between 33% and 40%. If the lawyer has more experience, the fee might be higher. If you have a high profile case, that could also result in a higher fee.

Court Costs

There are several court costs you also need to take into consideration. For example, when you take your lawsuit to the court to have it filed, you will have to pay a filing fee. When your lawyer hires someone to investigate your accident, you’ll likely end up paying the investigator yourself. You would also have to pay for postage, obtaining copies of documents, expert witness time and testimony, and a variety of other costs related to your case.

In some situations, these court costs are factored into the lawyer fee, but that is rare. Most lawyers will ask you to pay these expenses as they arise. If you don’t have a way to pay for them, it’s possible your lawyer will work out a deal so you can pay for them out of your settlement. You could also get a personal loan to pay the costs until you receive your settlement.

Learning More

As you go through the process of a personal injury case, there could be some costs you didn’t see coming. When you work with a lawyer, those surprises might be more common knowledge as you navigate the case. Contact an accident injury lawyer  such as Yearin Law Office today to learn more. 

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