After a Motorcycle Accident FAQ

After a Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If I have been injured in a motorcycle accident what should I do?

After a motorcycle accident, you will most likely need to seek medical attention. Even if the accident doesn’t seem very serious at first, some injuries can start to appear days after the accident. Going to the doctor and getting medical records could serve as primary evidence in your case when claiming reimbursement for your injuries. We suggest taking the following steps to help protect your rights after an accident. If possible you should try to collect:

  • Names and contact information for the insurance companies from everyone at the accident. In addition, collecting the contact information of any witnesses can prove to be beneficial when investigating your case.
  • Taking photos or videos of the accident will help provide a visual for the lawyers and judge. You may want to take photos of the scene, damages done to the bike or other vehicles, skid marks, road defects, weather conditions, injuries and anything else you think might have contributed to the accident.
  • Do not admit fault or downplay your injuries when police arrive. However, be respectful and cooperate with everything the police say. Make sure to ask for a copy of the police report as well.
  • If immediate medical care is not needed, still plan on scheduling an appointment with a doctor just in case there are hidden injuries.
  • Report the accident to your insurance company. However, before signing anything you should consult with your attorney about the legal matters.
  • Keep all records, receipts and anything related to the accident all together and provide copies for your lawyer.

An attorney will work diligently to fight for your rights and earn the compensation you deserve for your damages and losses.

Am I able to receive compensation even if the motorcycle accident was partially my fault?

If you believe you are partially to blame for the accident, our team of lawyers would do a thorough investigation of the circumstances of your accident to determine whether you have a valid claim. However, in general you are able to seek compensation for the party most at fault, the degree of fault you have may affect the amount of compensation you are able to receive.

Some of the areas you may be able to seek compensation for include:

  • Medical Expenses: This one can be very high since motorcycle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries, disfigurement, and scarring.
  • Property Damage: This money is to replace or repair damages done to your motorcycle after an accident. In addition, you may be able to recover the expense of renting a vehicle while your bike is being repaired or replaced.
  • Lost Income: Salary or wages lost due to missing work because of your injuries could be compensated.

If your case went to court, the jury would determine how much you are to blame for the accident and then how much of a compensation you should receive accordingly. Attorneys have helped countless motorcyclists receive compensation because of their detailed investigation team and skillful knowledge of the law. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Des Moines, IA trusts today to get started on your claim.

Thanks to Johnston Martineau, LLP for their insight into personal injuries and motorcycle accidents.

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