Amusement Park Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

Amusement Park Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

Amusement parks are a crowded hot spot for many people every year, especially during holidays. Sadly though, accidents happen quite frequently at amusement parks. Because they are highly populated and employees are often young and overworked, there are an estimated 6 thousand injuries in amusement parks each year, with over 65% occurring between the summer months of April and August. The number of injuries is estimated because there are literally no federal or state agencies that enforce ride standards on amusement parks. Often times, any data that is recorded is safe guarded and kept secret by the amusement park so that no negative publicity is given to them by lawsuits. Because amusement parks are unregulated at a high rate, the amusement parks have to police their own accidents. This makes it way too easy for them to cover up minor injuries.

Victims of amusement park injuries usually find it difficult to sue the amusement parks because there are many different legal areas that are involved, like premise, product and personal liability. Unregulated rides, fallen objects, slipping on water (in water parks), carnival games that are unsafe, food poisoning from food that is left out too long or not prepared correctly, and broken machinery are common amusement park injuries.  A basic, however very common kind of injury at an amusement park is when the guests are not strapped in the correct or safe way on a ride. This usually occurs with small kids who do not know how to safely strap themselves in. Accidents sometimes happen even in situations where everything is safe and done correctly on behalf of amusement parks. If you have been injured at an amusement park, you may be able to receive compensation if you can prove whether or not the accident was preventable. Most states require that the park be held liable for the guests’ safety. Any type of mechanical defects that are a result of poor maintenance on the park’s part, negligent employees, failure on park security’s part to prevent a violent altercation, tripping hazards and faulty safety harnesses are all liability held against amusement parks.

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