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Assault Defense Lawyer Towson MDIf you are the victim of an assault accusation, turning to a lawyer at the Greenberg Law Offices may be one of the best decisions you can make. We have been protecting the rights of those falsely accused of criminal charges for over 50 years. Our professionalism and strategy may help you in the court of law. Not only can we strive to prove your innocence, but also work to retain your reputation. Along with the embarrassment of being inaccurately accused, you may face extreme consequences in your personal and professional life.
We believe in defending your rights, future, and liberty against all else. We do offer aggressive legal methods to prevent jail time or other consequences due to another party’s false accusations. We understand how emotional and challenging this will be, and you can rely on us to have your best interests in mind during the entire litigation proceeding.
Each step in the process may be complex and the legal advice of an assault defense lawyer  can benefit you greatly. We want you to understand what penalties may be at stake, and along with how we can plan to prevent them from happening. Having an assault defense lawyer in Towson MD represent you can help with any struggles along the way. The prosecutor may try to implement over-the-top sentencing in order to gain a plea bargain from the accused. An experienced assault defense lawyer may counsel an innocent person against accepting this agreement.
Standard Penalties for Assault Charges
  1. 6 months to 8 years serving time in jail, depending on what type of assault
  2. 12-month to 3-year probation
  3. Thousands of dollars in fines
  4. Restitution to the acclaimed victim
When you hire an assault defense lawyer from the Greenberg Law Offices, we can go over with you the various levels of assault, what they mean, and how we can work to prove your innocence in the trial. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony charge, we highly recommend you seek experienced legal counsel for your defense. Battling this type of case alone or with inadequate representation may result in an unfortunate verdict. Our team has the knowledge, skill, and integrity to argue for your freedom and to protect your rights.
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Assault is a serious and legitimate issue — no one is arguing against that. As a law firm practicing both criminal defense and personal injury, we have seen from both sides how devastating this crime can be. Just as assault victims deserve to get justice, those who have been wrongly accused of assault deserve to have their names cleared.
If you’ve been charged with assault, contact the Greenberg Law Offices to speak with a assault defense lawyer Towson MD residents count on. We understand that one false claim has the power to change your life forever. We work incessantly to make sure that the rights of our clients are protected. To speak with an assault defense lawyer in Towson MD about your case, call us today.
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