Attorney Greenberg Highlighted in UBalt Law’s Civil Rights Feature

Attorney Greenberg Highlighted in UBalt Law’s Civil Rights Feature

Attorney Greenberg Highlighted in UBalt Law’s Civil Rights Feature

We are excited to share that our very own Attorney Larry Greenberg, J.D. ’94, has been featured in a compelling article titled “Warriors for Civil Rights: Alumni Tackle Police and Prison Brutality,” published on the University of Baltimore School of Law’s website. The piece, penned by Adam Stone, sheds light on the commendable work carried out by UBalt Law alumni who have dedicated their professional lives to address police brutality and detention-center abuse cases.

In the article, Larry speaks candidly about his extensive experience representing individuals who find themselves at odds with the justice system. He highlights the painstaking effort involved in such cases, mentioning a case where he spent nearly five years fighting for a family whose loved one was tragically killed due to a police officer’s negligence. Greenberg stresses the importance of understanding the intricate legal nuances, as there are myriad immunities and legal stipulations in place that favor the state over the injured.

Greenberg’s commitment extends beyond the courtroom. He’s actively engaged in shaping Maryland’s legal landscape to be more favorable to its citizens. His efforts contributed to the adoption of the Maryland Police Accountability Act in 2021 – a landmark legislation that mandates the creation of three police oversight boards in all counties.

He points out the pivotal role of police in society but emphasizes the urgency for officers to be aptly trained. As Greenberg says, “Bad hiring, bad training, failure to discipline — all of these things come about, and that’s why people get hurt.”

The article also delves into the shifting societal landscape following events like the George Floyd murder and the global Black Lives Matter protests. Greenberg laments society’s fleeting attention span, noting how crucial issues often fade with the ever-changing news cycle.

We are immensely proud of Attorney Larry Greenberg’s recognition and his unwavering commitment to ensuring justice and fostering positive change in our legal system. We invite you to read the full article to gain a deeper insight into the world of civil rights advocacy and the stellar work carried out by dedicated professionals like Larry.

Thank you for your continued trust and support in Greenberg Law Offices. Together, we hope to create a more just and fair society for all.

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