Attorney Greenberg Provides Strategic Defense In Ennal Murder Case

Attorney Greenberg Provides Strategic Defense In Ennal Murder Case

In a recent article by The Star Democrat, the significant role of Baltimore criminal defense lawyer Larry Greenberg of Greenberg Law Offices was highlighted in the case involving Key’Marion Ennals, an 18-year-old accused of murder. This case has shone a light on the critical importance of thorough and ethical legal representation.

In November 2021, Ennals was charged with the fatal shooting of 16-year-old Ja’Len Woolford, along with related assault and firearms charges. The complexity of the case increased when another individual, Daeveon Johnson, also faced charges related to the incident. Johnson’s testimony and plea agreement became a focal point, raising questions about the evidence and its disclosure.

Upon taking over Ennals’ defense in March 2022, Attorney Greenberg, with his nearly three decades of experience, immediately recognized inconsistencies and gaps in the prosecution’s case. His meticulous review and persistent inquiries led to the revelation of undisclosed evidence, including a crucial interview with a detention center inmate. This interview suggested alternative narratives and potential exculpatory evidence, challenging the prosecution’s stance.

Greenberg’s efforts culminated in a September 2022 hearing where he successfully argued the failure of the Dorchester County State’s Attorney’s Office to disclose vital information, a violation of the Brady rule. This rule mandates prosecutors to share any exonerating information with the defense. Judge S. James Sarbanes, acknowledging these oversights, disqualified the State’s Attorney’s Office from the case and granted Ennals pretrial release.

Greenberg’s dedication not only significantly impacted Ennals’ case but also underscored broader concerns in the justice system. His actions brought to light the vital need for transparency and fairness in legal proceedings. His work exemplifies Greenberg Law Office’s commitment to upholding justice and advocating for their clients’ rights, reinforcing their reputation as a premier legal institution.

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