Baltimore police officer hospitalized following car accident

Baltimore police officer hospitalized following car accident

Yesterday morning, a Baltimore police officer was hospitalized after being hit by an oncoming vehicle and thrown off an elevated highway. She sustained a number of injuries in the car accident, including fractures to her legs. She was treated at Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

According to reports, the police woman was standing next to a car that needed to be towed following an earlier accident. Suddenly, a vehicle on the highway lost control and slammed into her police car. In a chain reaction, the patrol car hit the police woman, tossing her over the side of the elevated highway and onto a parking lot below – a 30-foot drop.

Witnesses say they heard the squealing tires of a car trying to stop, and shortly after, they saw the officer fall over the side of the highway. According to a Baltimore Fire Department spokesperson, the driver of the car that hit the patrol vehicle, the tow truck driver, and the driver of the car that was being towed were all injured in the incident.

The northbound lanes of I-83 were closed following the accident. It is not clear at this time if charges will be filed against the driver.

Sadly, car accidents happen nearly every day, affecting many people in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. Many of these collisions cause serious injuries, like this one did. In some tragic cases, victims are even killed. Hopefully this accident will serve as an important reminder to all Maryland drivers that keeping both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel could go a long way toward preventing serious car accidents.

Source: The Baltimore Sun

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