Baltimore woman dies after police chase, crash

Baltimore woman dies after police chase, crash

A police chase in West Baltimore led to a car accident that resulted in the death of a 22-year-old woman and injuries to her mother and daughter. The woman’s family is not ready to forgive the police or the man fleeing.

The accident occurred as the women’s car attempted to cross Poplar Grove Street at West North Avenue. The driver fleeing from police barreled through a red light, hitting the passenger side of the women’s car. They were returning home from the store after a stop for food and diapers. The older woman was driving.

Police said an officer spotted the man driving erratically, and he sped away as the officer tried to pull him over. The chase went on for five blocks before the man’s car collided with the other car.

The younger woman died of internal injuries, and her mother sustained a broken arm. The baby was taken to the hospital as a precaution. The accident came just two weeks shy of the baby’s first birthday. The mother and her child lived with the woman’s mother.

Family and friends of the young woman said they did not understand why the police officer persisted in chasing the driver. Police officials said that under normal protocol, officers report that they are in pursuit of a suspect and receive instructions as to whether they should continue or stop.

The accident likely will remain under investigations for weeks. Prosecutors will decide whether the man should face any charges. After the accident, the man tried to run away. When police caught up to him, they found him with crack cocaine, according to reports.

An official of the city’s police union said the people who try to elude police are to blame for accidents related to chases. Still, family members said they would not give the police a free pass, believing the chase ultimately caused the accident and the woman’s death. But something else to consider is that the man could have simply pulled over.

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