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Birth Injury Lawyer Baltimore, MDBirth Injury Lawyer Baltimore, MD


If your child suffered a birth injury, you may want to consult with a birth injury lawyer Baltimore, MD residents trust. When it comes to birth injuries, many people do not see them coming. The post-delivery health is not always on the top of parents’ minds when they are worried about getting through the labor and delivery process. However, for many people, they begin noticing that their child is not developing as normally as other children are or they may even notice that their child has bruising or other physical damage that was caused by a doctor’s negligence. When this happens, you want to work with attorneys you can trust to help you file a legal claim for your child’s birth injury.

At Greenberg Law Offices, we understand how devastating it is to discover your child has a birth injury. We have been helping individuals just like yourself get justice for over 50 years.

Common Causes of Birth Injuries

As a birth injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD can attest, babies are born with birth injuries every day. Many of these birth injuries are caused by medical negligence. Medical professionals have a responsibility to closely monitor the mother and baby during delivery and act fast if complications arise. If they fail to do this, babies are more likely to suffer harm. Let’s take a closer look at a few common causes of birth injuries:

  • Medication Errors: If a woman is given the incorrect dosage of a medication during pregnancy or the doctor administers a medication that’s dangerous for the baby, birth injuries are more likely to happen.
  • Improper Manipulation of Baby’s Body: Medical professionals must be very careful when handling a baby’s body during delivery. Improper manipulation of a baby’s body can result in serious injuries, like broken bones and bruising, as a birth injury lawyer Baltimore, MD clients respect can confirm.
  • Monitoring Issues: It is important for doctors to closely monitor women throughout their pregnancies. For example, doctor should regularly check the baby’s growth and weight. As a birth injury lawyer Baltimore, MD residents rely on can agree, if a pregnant woman is not monitored properly, potential problems won’t be detected until it is too late.
  • Failure to Order a Timely C-Section: Sometimes C-section deliveries are necessary and it is important for medical professionals to recognize when one is needed. For example, if a baby is an abnormal position, a C-section may be the safest way to deliver him or her.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

There are several types of birth injuries babies can suffer because of medical negligence. Some are possible to recover from while others are life-threatening. Here are some common types of birth injuries:

  • Perinatal Asphyxia: This condition occurs when a newborn doesn’t receive enough oxygen and can lead to seizures, labored breathing or coma. It’s possible for this condition to clear up. However, it sometimes causes permanent brain damage.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: A Baltimore birth injury lawyer has helped parents whose babies suffered spinal cord injuries during delivery. Unfortunately, these injuries can lead to brain damage and paralysis.
  • Cerebral Palsy: Children with cerebral palsy may experience weak muscles, muscle spasms and poorly developed motor skills.
    Facial Paralysis: The facial nerves gets temporarily or permanently damaged with facial paralysis, as a birth injury lawyer Baltimore, MD clients depend on can confirm. In most cases, this birth injury resolves itself over time.

If My Baby Was Harmed During Birth, Can I File Legal Action?

There are few situations in life more disturbing and disorienting than the injury of a newborn child. New parents are already overwhelmed by the massive life transition that accompanies bringing another family member into their home; trying to process that their child’s injury could have been prevented is simply overwhelming. If you are currently navigating the news that your child has been injured during or shortly after the birth process, please understand that you do not need to feel both overwhelmed and alone. An experienced Baltimore, MD birth injury lawyer can help.

Birth Injury Claims

A birth injury claim is filed in the same way that other personal injury claims are brought to the attention of the legal system. Your Baltimore, MD birth injury lawyer will explain each step of the process as it progresses and will largely handle the legal “heavy lifting” as your claim evolves. In general, you can expect that your attorney will gather evidence, conduct witness interviews and take other steps necessary to the structure of a solid legal case. Chances are that the parties named as responsible for your child’s harm will attempt to settle the matter out of court. You and you alone will be able to determine whether you feel any settlements offered are acceptable or not. Your Baltimore, MD birth injury lawyer will not accept a settlement on your behalf unless you have agreed to the amount and the terms. If no settlements offered are acceptable, your claim will proceed to trial. However, it is worth noting that because more than nine out of every 10 personal injury claims filed in the U.S. settle out of court, you will likely not need to weather the stresses of trial.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you suspect that your child was harmed during the birthing process or immediately following his or her entrance into the world, please contact a Baltimore, Maryland birth injury lawyer today. It is often very difficult to determine whether medical negligence played a part in an infant patient’s condition until a legal professional well-versed in handling birth injury cases investigates the situation at hand. Once the legal team at Greenberg Law Offices learns more about your child’s circumstances, we will be able to advise you of your legal options accordingly. Speaking with us is a risk-free process, as you are in no way obligated to file legal action simply because you have been made aware that you have that option available to you. We simply want to make sure that you can have your questions answered and that you can make an informed decision about your legal options now and moving forward. Please don’t hesitate. Contact an experienced Baltimore, MD birth injury lawyer at our firm today. We look forward to speaking with you.

What Do I Do if I Suspect My Baby Was Harmed During Birth?

If you are concerned that your infant was harmed during birth or shortly after, you may be feeling a sense of urgency to obtain answers about what happened or you may be feeling so overwhelmed and betrayed that you are unsure of whether you want to take any action at all. It is important to understand that both of these reactions to your situation are completely normal. It is understandable that you would want to seek answers but it is also normal that you may already be so stressed out that you are fearful of what an investigation may uncover.

Please know that you are not alone. Unfortunately, a staggering number of infants suffer birth injuries in the U.S. every single year. As a result, the experienced Baltimore, Maryland birth injury lawyer team at Greenberg Law Offices are well-versed in how to navigate the aftermath of injurious birth scenarios. You do not have to navigate this situation alone and you do not even need to make a decision about whether to take legal action right now. Scheduling a consultation with a Baltimore birth injury lawyer simply helps to ensure that you can get answers to any questions you may have and that you can make informed decisions about your situation. This consultation process is risk-free and does not obligate you to take any action you aren’t comfortable with. In fact, it does not obligate you to take any action at all. So please, do not feel self-conscious or hesitant any longer; call to schedule a risk-free conversation with a Baltimore birth injury lawyer today.

What are the Statutes of Limitations on Birth Injury Claims?

What if you don’t notice the birth injury for weeks, months, or even years after giving birth? Is there a statute of limitations on birth injuries? The Baltimore, Maryland birth injury lawyer from Greenberg Law Offices goes over this below.

What is a statute of limitations?

A statute of limitations (SOL) is the amount of time in which you can legally file a claim after an accident (like a birth injury) has occurred. You can either file a civil or a criminal statute of limitations, but if you are filing for a birth injury this would specifically be civil.

Why are birth injury cases complicated when it comes to statutes of limitations?

The reason it can be so complicated is because birth injuries are not always apparent immediately after the birth of your child. There are some that may be obvious—bruising or seizures—while others might take months or even years to begin showing signs. It is important to know that if your child shows latent signs of a birth injury, there are certain exceptions in place to protect your child. We can work with you to develop a timeline and begin gathering the evidence you need.

So, when do the statutes of limitations begin?

This will depend from case to case. The point behind the statute of limitations is so the entire case is not so old that people begin forgetting facts or valuable pieces of evidence. For birth injuries, this will be different since the parents may not notice their child’s birth injuries for years. When this is the case, the SOL would begin upon discovery. So, if you realize your child has suffered from a birth injury one week after their birth, this is when the SOL begins. If, however, your child’s pediatrician notices the birth injury two years after your child’s birth and you can successfully prove that it was the result of the medical provider’s negligence, then the SOL begins on the day your pediatrician discovered it.

Will this vary by state?

Yes. When it comes to the SOL, you will need to speak with your lawyer to see how the SOL is mandated in your state.

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