Can You Recover Damages If You Were Hit While Riding a Bike?

Can You Recover Damages If You Were Hit While Riding a Bike?

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Bicycling is a healthy activity, but it can be dangerous when sharing the roadway with automobiles. While you may do everything in your power to obey the traffic and bike laws, you may still fall victim to a reckless driver. Thankfully, you do have protections. First, your insurance may cover your injuries. Second, the negligent driver’s insurance might be liable for your damages, meaning that you have two possible methods for receiving restitution for your injuries in the event of a bicycle and car collision.

Understanding the Possible Damages

Although there is potential for serious injury, most accidents involving bicycles occur at low speeds, meaning that injuries are often minor. However, the extent of your injuries likely depends on the speed and impact in your specific incident. Therefore, you may have medical expenses ranging from low to high, depending on the collision. Also, property damage is likely, especially for the bike owner.

You Insurance

Regardless of the at-fault party, your insurance may cover your injuries. Most policies come with personal injury coverage. While it may seem strange to use your insurance when you were on a bicycle, your plan should kick in as long as an automobile was involved in the incident. It is also beneficial to note that this coverage extends to anyone listed on the policy.

Their Insurance

If the other driver was at fault, then you may be better off filing against their insurance. While your policy may cover your injuries, the claim may increase your premiums. Therefore, if you were clearly not at fault and you do not live in a no-fault state, then filing suit against the other driver’s policy is likely in your best interest.

Determining the Validity of Other Claims

While you may have personal injury coverage included with your auto insurance policy, that does not extend to every type of bike collision. An accident must involve a car in order to qualify as a legitimate claim. Therefore, you cannot claim a personal injury on your auto insurance, when the crash involved two bicycles.

You can recover damages when you were injured on a bike, but the accident must include a car. You have two options when this happens: (1) make a claim on your own policy or (2) file a claim against the at-fault driver’s policy. However, before you make a decision regarding which action is best, you may wish to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help guide you through the process.

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