Car smashes through doughnut shop in Maryland, causing injuries

Car smashes through doughnut shop in Maryland, causing injuries

An SUV in Maryland drove right through the front windows of a doughnut shop — the local Dunkin Donuts location — injuring people who were standing outside. Pictures from the scene show the black SUV with its nose crushed into the corner of the shop, tables and chairs knocked all around, and the plate glass windows all smashed out.

The crash happened in Howard County. The two people near the shop who were hurt are reportedly suffering from serious injuries. The SUV hit them and pushed them into the store. Investigators are still looking into the case, trying to figure out what made the driver lose control so that the SUV slammed into the store in the first place.

One of the witnesses to the scene was a girl who worked at the shop, and she said that she heard the crash first, and then saw what was happening. She said that there were screams and that the sound of glass shattering was everywhere. She then said that people were swearing and yelling for someone to call an ambulance. It appears that those calling for the ambulance had been inside the crashed SUV.

The emergency crews did eventually get to the scene, and they took the people who were injured to Shock Trauma. There were three total reported injuries in the accident.

Whether someone happens to be driving while talking on the phone or doing something else to cause them to lose control of their car, anyone who is hurt by an out-of-control driver could face very extensive medical bills, so knowing their rights to financial compensation is very important.

Source: CBS, “3 Injured After Car Crashes Into Dunkin Donuts” Christie Ileto, Sep. 01, 2014

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