Confronting Divorce Issues

Confronting Divorce Issues

A divorce can bring forth many different issues and emotions, such as anger, sadness, and confusion. You may have to confront your family’s instability, financial situations, and other things for many years to come. By having a family lawyer on your side, you can feel confident in knowing that our team can effectively address the following matters:

Property division that includes savings accounts, vehicles, financial debt, furnishings, retirement benefits, real estate, and much more

Child-related matters – Such as child custody, child support, education, dependency, insurance, life-changing decisions, and so forth

Spousal support – For example, alimony, health care, entitlement, etc.

Reaching an amicable solution with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse to any of those mentioned above can be easier said than done without a family lawyer by your side. Greenberg Law Offices will discuss your personal goals and the future of you and your children. Together we will work to resolve all of these issues with as little stress as possible.

Helping You to Avoid Court

When you get a divorce, there is a good chance that you will have to go to court. One of our lawyers will help you avoid this lengthy, costly process by suggesting alternative approaches such as mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce processes based upon an agreement by both spouses to provide full disclosure to resolve legal matters without the court’s intervention. A family lawyer can explain this to you in further detail during a complimentary consultation.

How to Stay Calm During Divorce Negotiations

If you plan to get a divorce, you will eventually have to negotiate a settlement with your ex. This requires you to make decisions that will affect your life for many years. However, when you have so many different emotions running through your head, it can be challenging to stay calm and make the appropriate decisions. A family lawyer in Baltimore will be there through every step of the negotiations. Here are some tips for staying calm during these negotiations.

Get Rid of Your Negative Emotions

During a divorce, it’s perfectly normal to feel negative emotions. You’re experiencing a significant life change after all. You may be angry at your ex for their behavior and be sad that your marriage is finally ending. However, if you allow these negative emotions to take over, it can be difficult to express yourself during the negotiations. That’s why you should try to release these negative emotions beforehand. For example, if you feel angry, write about it in your journal or go for a walk.

Know What Battles to Pick

Many issues can come up during divorce proceedings, including child support and division of assets. If you try to fight every issue, you can get mentally exhausted. To avoid this, learn to pick your battles. Alongside our family lawyer, you can decide your top priorities.

Prepare Ahead of Time

When dealing with something as important as a divorce negotiation, it’s important to come as prepared as possible. Before the negotiations, you should discuss your talking points with a family lawyer Baltimore trusts, write down the points you want to make in a notebook, and bring them with you. That way, you won’t forget anything important. Also, try saying your points out loud in front of a mirror at home. This will help you become more confident in expressing these points.

Look at the Big Picture

In the middle of divorce negotiations, you can quickly get stressed and lose perspective. Try to focus on the big picture instead of worrying about petty things. Think about what you want your life to be like five or even ten years from now. Imagine yourself happy and free from stress. Keeping the big picture in mind will help you fight through your anxiety and stress.

Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce negotiations aren’t something you want to go through on your own. They can determine your entire future. That’s why you should hire an experienced Baltimore family lawyer and bring him or her to all of the negotiations. Greenberg Law Offices can provide you with valuable advice and prevent you from saying something that may hurt your case. If you go in with a skilled family lawyer Baltimore relies on, you will feel less nervous.

If you are getting divorced from your spouse, you should consult with an experienced family lawyer in Baltimore as soon as possible. He or she can thoroughly assess your case and advise you on the best way to proceed.

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