Coverage under workers’ compensation

Coverage under workers’ compensation

Maryland workers may already know that most employers are required to offer workers’ compensation benefits to their employees. Accidents resulting in personal injury to the employee that occurred on the job may be covered; however, not all injuries are. Once cleared to receive workers’ compensation, medical bills, prescriptions, physical therapy, hospital care and partial income amounts are covered by an employer or the employer’s insurance carrier.

Once a worker misses work for more than three days, he or she is entitled to benefits. If the worker misses more than two weeks, the first three days are paid also. It is important to report an accident immediately to the employer. If an employer or insurer objects to employee coverage, they are obligated to inform the worker and the Workers’ Compensation Commission as to why they object. Temporary disability is paid, which equals about 66 percent of the worker’s wage each week. This may not exceed the average weekly wage in Maryland.

If a worker does not receive benefits after filing a claim, or the benefits are less than the worker believes they should receive, there may be remedies. The worker may ask for a hearing with the WCC. If the worker feels a judge ruled in error, they may appeal the judge’s decision in a circuit court.

Workers’ compensation claims may seem confusing for an employee, particularly if they are injured and concentrating on getting well. An attorney with experience in this area of the law may provide insight into the process of filing. Legal counsel may also review the benefit level the worker is eligible to receive and react accordingly.

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