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What to Do When You Are Innocent of Criminal Charges

If you are considering hiring a criminal lawyer Towson, MD residents trust to defend them, you may benefit from knowing the different ways a not guilty claim can be approached. Working with a lawyer is advised and they may be able to help you determine the best way to approach your case given the specific details. While you are waiting for an appointment, it may be helpful to read up on some options, such as these, so you can write down any questions you may have to talk with your Towson, MD criminal lawyer about.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

As you know, all individuals are legally innocent until they are convicted. This means that the prosecution has to convince the jury that there was a crime and that you are guilty of it. Your criminal lawyer Towson, MD residents turn to can approach this method in one of two ways. The defense attorney could decide not to present any witnesses and have you remain silent in order to poke holes in the prosecution’s case and try to convince the jury that the prosecution failed to prove their case. Or they could build a counter case and present witnesses on your behalf to convince the jury you’re innocent.

Burden of Proof

In addition to being innocent until proven guilty, the prosecution has to convince the jury that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that each juror has to feel, or be convinced, completely that you are guilty. If they have just one doubt, they are supposed to vote not guilty in deliberation. This is called the burden of proof and it’s all up to the prosecution to deliver. Your criminal lawyer in Towson, MD should build your case in a way that doubt is created in the jurors’ minds.


If you have an alibi that says you were somewhere other than the crime scene when the crime took place, and there is evidence to prove that, your criminal lawyer Towson, MD trusts to defend them may use this to build your case.

A good example of this is if the crime took place at 2:00 p.m. and at that time, you were at a diner having lunch with a friend. The friend would be a witness saying you were there together. Your lawyer may be able to pull workers or other individuals from the diner to testify on your behalf. Additionally, any security camera footage and receipts would be used to prove you weren’t at the scene of the crime. When you choose an experienced criminal lawyer Towson, MD residents turn to in cases like these, they may be able to build you a solid case that leads to a not guilty verdict.

If you are accused of a crime you didn’t commit, knowing how to enter a guilty plea is the first step to getting your name cleared. By hiring a criminal lawyer Towson, MD trusts to defend them, such as the attorneys at the Greenberg Law Offices, you may have a fighting chance; call today at (410) 539-5250.

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