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Drug Crimes Lawyer Towson MDWhen you need a drug crimes lawyer Towson MD residents can depend on, the attorneys at the Greenberg Law Offices are here to help. We know that drug-related crimes have been handled very harshly by U.S. courts over the past few decades — and we also know that not everyone charged with a drug crime is a dangerous individual.

State and federal laws have changed quite a bit in recent years, as an experienced drug crimes lawyer Towson MD can provide might attest. Laws regarding the same drug might even be completely different from one state to the next.

Drug Distribution and Drug Trafficking

An individual may be charged with distribution or trafficking if he/she illegally provides or sells a controlled substance. As a seasoned drug crimes lawyer in Towson MD might explain, the charges in drug distribution cases can vary from case to case.

The courts would likely consider factors such as the type of drug(s) being distributed, the location where they were being distributed, and the quantity of drugs that were distributed. They might also take into consideration the individual’s past criminal history, or even cases in which the individual’s distributed substance caused harm to someone else.

Drug Possession

Possession is one of the more common drug-related charges. This charge depends on three key factors:

  • The individual possessed an illegal drug or a prescription drug without a valid prescription.
  • The quantity of the drug was large enough that it could be consumed.
  • The individual intentionally possessed the drug, knowing that it was illegal.

A minor detail that can have a major impact on a possession charge is that an individual can be charged with possession, even if he or she does not have illegal substances on their person. If the individual knowingly had access to the substance when it was located elsewhere, this person might be charged with possession. Examples of this might include drugs located in a person’s car or in their locker.

It may also be possible for an individual to be charged for possessing specific drug paraphernalia (such as pipes or syringes) even if there are no actual drugs found. This charge is based on the assumption that the individual likely possessed the illegal substances as well, since he or she currently possesses items that are used for their consumption. Drug paraphernalia possession may not result in punishments as severe as drug possession. However, as a top drug crimes lawyer Towson MD can provide might explain, these charges can still be serious.

Drug Manufacturing

State and federal laws also allow for individuals to be charged with drug manufacturing if they are illegally involved, in any way, in the creation of a controlled substance. An individual who is charged with drug manufacturing might also be charged with possession and distribution (or intent to distribute). It’s possible, however, for someone to be charged solely with drug manufacturing.

Speak With a Drug Crimes Lawyer Towson MD Can Rely On

Even the smallest drug-related offense can potentially impact your life for years to come. These types of criminal offenses often come with heavy penalties, making it more difficult for convicted individuals to recover and re-enter society. Working with a top Towson MD drug crimes lawyer could help an individual charged with a drug-related crime to obtain a fair trial.

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime recently, you may wish to seek legal counsel from an attorney at the Greenberg Law Offices. For more information about our firm, or to schedule a case evaluation with a drug crimes lawyer Towson MD trusts, contact us today.

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