Consequences Of A DUI/DWI Conviction


Consequences Of A DUIBefore you hire a DUI lawyer, it is important to understand the potential consequences that you are facing. DUI is a serious criminal charge that can change your life. Our attorneys are experienced at helping clients avoid or reduce consequences such as the following.

DUI penalties: If you are convicted of DUI, your sentence may include jail time, probation and/or fines. The penalties for DUI can increase based on the number of convictions on your record, your blood alcohol content (BAC) and other factors.

License suspension and revocation: If you are charged with DUI, your driver’s license can be taken within a very short period of time if you do not act quickly. If you are convicted, it may also be suspended or revoked for a period of time. You can also lose your license for refusing a breath test.

MVA driving records: A DUI conviction will remain on your driving record indefinitely. The points associated with a conviction may eventually go away, but a DUI record can still affect your insurance rates for years to come.

A DUI conviction on your criminal record: DUI is a criminal offense. Depending on the specific charges against you, it could be a misdemeanor or a felony. A criminal record can affect your employment, education, voting rights and more.

The impact of DUI on a professional career: If you need a professional license to do your job or are employed by the government, a DUI conviction could directly impact your ability to continue in your career.

DUI and commercial drivers: The consequences of a DUI conviction can be particularly harsh if you need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to do your job.

Every DUI case is unique and can have unique consequences. Contact us immediately to discuss your specific case with a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney.

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