DWI/DUI Mistakes Lawyer Baltimore, MD


DUI Mistakes Lawyer Baltimore, MD

Cooperating too much with the police:

You may think that you’re helping your case, but once an officer believes you’re drunk, there is very little you can say or do to change that belief. It is better to just keep quiet and contact a lawyer after you are arrested.

Waiting too long to hire an attorney:

If you wait before calling a lawyer or spend too much time shopping around before you hire one, physical evidence could disappear, witnesses could forget what happened, and you could end up missing important deadlines.

Hiring an inexperienced or unqualified lawyer:

A law firm that only occasionally handles DWI cases is simply not going to invest as much in training and certifying its attorneys in DWI defense techniques as my firm does. Even a very experienced lawyer who rarely takes DWI cases may not have specific knowledge of the relevant issues.

Defending yourself without an attorney:

Maryland’s DWI laws are very complex. Someone without legal training is simply not going to be in a position to interpret these laws properly and identify defenses against DWI charges. Neither the judge nor the prosecutor in your case is going to do any of this work for you.

Relying on advice from friends and family members:

Every DWI case is unique. What worked in someone else’s case may not work in your case. The attorney who was the right lawyer for your friend may not be the right lawyer for you. The people giving you advice are not facing DWI charges right now. You are.

Don’t let your DWI defense case get derailed by bad decisions or indecisiveness. Contact the Baltimore Greenberg Law Offices immediately to discuss what we can do to help you fight these serious criminal charges.

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