Criminal Lawyer Baltimore MD

Conference RoomBeing charged with a crime is a serious matter, and it may be beneficial if it is overseen by a top criminal lawyer Baltimore MD has to offer. These charges, whether a misdemeanor or felony, might lead to serious consequences including heavy fines, jail time, and a criminal record. Greenberg Law Office, a criminal lawyer in Baltimore MD, is dedicated to fighting for the rights of people accused of a crime. No matter what your charges are, we may be able to use our years of experience and knowledge to defend you in a court of law.

Why You Should Hire a Baltimore MD Criminal Lawyer

It is your right to have a court appointed attorney; however, there is a difference between state-provided lawyers and a private lawyer. It may be in your best interest to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced criminal lawyer Baltimore MD provides. To better understand your options, consider the following:

A Lawyer May Know What to Expect

Choosing to have a lawyer work your case could enable you to have an idea of what you should expect during an arraignment or court hearing. Equipped with the right skills, he or she may be able to identify and anticipate sentencing, as well as consequential outcomes of your charges. Moreover, a criminal lawyer Baltimore MD respects may also know how a prosecutor or judge operates in a courtroom. Using this information, your lawyer might be able to build a stronger case with a favorable outcome for everyone involved.

They Know How to Navigate the Legal System

The legal system is very complex, and meticulous care and attention is needed to effectively handle a criminal case. A criminal attorney understands the law, sentencing, plea deals, negotiations, and other circumstances that could be unique to your case. To complement this knowledge, your lawyer may have relationships with the court, and he or she may be able to communicate with the prosecutor or judge about your case, charges, and punishment.

Your Case May Be Thoroughly Investigated

When you hire a criminal lawyer Baltimore MD trusts, you may get more than court representation. Your  lawyer may be able to carry out an in-depth investigation of your charges, and the way in which you were arrested. Your lawyer may determine whether or not your rights have been infringed upon. When applicable, he or she may also examine the warrant, the results of a search investigation, or any evidence that is being used against you. Should any of these circumstances be tainted, there could be a press for a reduction of the charge, or a dismissal.

Seeking Advice from Greenberg Law Office

You have legal rights that must be adhered to during an arrest, investigation, and proceedings in a court of law. A skilled criminal lawyer Baltimore MD has to offer may act as an advocate on your behalf, and defend you in the most successful manner possible. Through a confidential, supportive consultation, one of our criminal lawyers can discuss your personal situation. No matter what charge you’re facing, contact a criminal lawyer Baltimore MD relies on at 888-529-9654.

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