Distracted Driving Personal Injury Lawsuits

Distracted Driving Personal Injury Lawsuits

Distracted Driving Personal Injury Lawsuits

Vehicular Accident Lawyer

As an experienced vehicular accident lawyer from The Lynch Law Group can explain, not only is it dangerous for preoccupied drivers to drive while distracted, but it is also a serious risk for other motorists on the road as well when distracted drivers drive. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of accidents caused by this unsafe practice as a result of the widespread use of smart phones to text while driving and to post to social media platforms, such as Instagram or Twitter, while driving. Many live streaming videos of drivers operating vehicles have become very popular in recent years because they show the driver in action. 

Although it is well known that drivers of all ages have been found to be distracted behind the wheel, studies have discovered that teenagers are more likely to use their phones to take pictures or text while they are driving than adults. There must be no misunderstanding that distracted driving accidents are not solely the responsibility of teenage drivers, and this should not prevent other types of drivers from also being included in the discussion, due to the fact that it would be ludicrous to think that they are.

It is becoming more common in recent years for personal injury lawsuits to be filed on the basis of distracted driving. The majority of cases involving teenage drivers demonstrate how the use of a smartphone while driving can have horrific consequences if the driver is distracted. The average amount of time that you are distracted by texting on your phone is 4.6 seconds. In addition, Distraction.gov reports that 4.6 seconds of driving blindfolded at 55 mph is equivalent to driving an entire football field blindfolded while your eyes are glued to your cell phone. There is no denying the fact that the previous analysis is shocking. There should be utmost focus and attention put forth when one is driving because one is operating a loaded weapon, and if you make a mistake, horrific devastation might result from that mistake.

Distracted driving falls into three main categories:

  • Manual: taking your hands off the wheel.
  • Visual: taking your eyes on the road
  • Cognitive: not being mentally present while driving.

You may want to speak to an attorney if you have been injured as a result of the negligence of a distracted driver to find out what can be done to aid you through any inconvenience you may have had to go through as a result of their negligence. A lawyer can help you determine what the options are for your situation if you are a victim of the malfeasance of others, while it is safe to say that driving defensively, watching the road, and following the rules of the road does not prevent you from being affected by malfeasance on the part of others. 

In order to determine whether you have a claim to seek compensation for any inconvenience you have suffered, you should consult with someone who can assist you in finding out if you are eligible to make a claim. Due to the fact that it can be difficult to see beyond an injury at times, an attorney who has been trained and skilled in these areas will be able to help you gain clarity regarding your situation and figure out the next steps.

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