Downtown speedster causes chain of carnage

Downtown speedster causes chain of carnage

It was the motor vehicle accident that went on and on after the initial collision — with a chain reaction of injury to persons and property

Downtown Baltimore was the venue for the high noon accident, which started with the accused driver smashing into one car that then got propelled into the side of a shuttle bus. While the bus passengers were okay, the driver of the struck car, a woman, was taken to a hospital with apparent head and shoulder injuries.

But that was not to be the end of it. Police report that the accused’s car glanced off the first struck vehicle and continued to wreak havoc. With plenty of lethal momentum remaining, the accused’s car then smashed into a sport utility vehicle before jumping the curb and hitting a pedestrian. The car only stopped after striking a pole.

Adding to the inexplicable events, the accused launched himself from his now semi-demolished car, snatched a toddler from the back seat and took off running. He did not escape. According to one witness, who also saw the struck pedestrian, a woman, “spinning” in the street before collapsing, the accused was literally tackled under some trees by a male bystander.

The witness, who saw everything from the vantage point of his 13th-floor office, described the noise coming from the street to be as loud as two big semi-tracker-trailers colliding. He observed as the paramedics transported the accused, the toddler and the struck pedestrian to a local hospital.

Initial investigation by authorities indicated that the accused had no driver’s license and may have been driving a stolen car. Other than that, they have not disclosed any motive of the erratic driver who was eventually booked on a number of serious traffic offenses.

In any event, the multiplicity of the collisions will make things at least difficult for the accident reconstruction folks and the personal injury attorneys that take up the causes of those injured.

Source: WBAL TV, “Man apprehended in crash involving cars, bus, pedestrian” No author given, Aug. 01, 2013

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