Driving while texting increases chance of accident

Driving while texting increases chance of accident

Driving while texting increases chance of accidentThroughout the state of Maryland, as well as the rest of the country, there are people who continue to text and drive despite the fact that they realize it can increase the chance of being involved in an accident. Driving while texting has been proven to increase the chance of an accident, along with many other types of distracted driving.

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study on distracted driving, which includes texting, it is clear that this activity is risky.

Here are two points from the study worth noting:

31 percent of drivers in the United States between the age of 18 and 64 noted that they have sent or read a text message or email while driving at least one time within the month before completing the survey.The United States is not the only country with this problem, with 31 percent of drivers doing the same in Portugal and 15 percent in Spain.

Talking on a cellphone while driving is even more common, with 69 percent of drivers in this age bracket reporting that they took part in this activity within the last 30 days.

Some car accidents can be more easily avoided than others. The fewer people there are who drive while distracted the fewer accidents there will be. Unfortunately, even with laws in place, there are people who believe they can get away with this.

When people are injured by a distracted driver, they may wish to consider legal action against the at-fault party after receiving the appropriate medical attention and treatment.

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