Driving while texting penalties could get worse in Maryland

Driving while texting penalties could get worse in Maryland

There is no denying the fact that driving while texting is dangerous. This holds true regardless of the person behind the wheel, the road on which they are traveling, or how fast they are moving.

In the state of Maryland, penalties associated with driving while texting could carry stricter penalties in the near future. Recently, the House voted 111-25 to increase penalties for drivers who injure or kill somebody while texting and driving. Known as Jake’s Law, this is meant to cut back on the number of people in the state who continue to text while they operate a motor vehicle.

There are laws in Maryland currently meant to discourage driving while texting. That being said, many feel that the penalty is not strict enough.

Jake’s Law proposes that any accident caused by a handheld device, resulting in serious injury or death, should be a misdemeanor with penalties of a $5,000 fine and as long as three years in jail.

Right now, Jake’s Law is in the Senate.

This story should hit home with people all over the country, being as driving while texting has become a major problem. Last year, an AT&T survey noted that 49 percent of adults admitted to texting and driving at the same time. With such a large number of people taking part in this activity, it is only natural for accidents to happen from time to time.

Anybody who was injured by a person who was driving while texting has the right to consult with a personal injury attorney for guidance on how to proceed with filing claims for damages to which you very well may be entitled.

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