Driving while impaired

Driving while impaired

Driving while impairedMotor vehicle accidents caused by impaired drivers are a serious problem in Maryland. According to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, impaired drivers cause approximately 30 deaths each day across the country. These accidents have a yearly cost of nearly $60 million. When an impaired driver causes an accident, it may be possible to obtain compensation in court.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that, in the year 2000, over 2 million alcohol-related vehicle crashes occurred in the United States. These crashes led to over 16,000 deaths and approximately 513,000 injuries. The most dangerous crashes involved drivers who tested for a blood alcohol concentration of .10 percent or above. In 2012, almost one-third of all vehicles crashes resulting in death were caused by alcohol impairment.

In addition to injuries and death, driving while impaired is associated with huge financial costs. The NHTSA estimates that a death caused by alcohol impairment can cost $3.5 million. Non-fatal crashes can be very expensive as well. An injured survivor of an alcohol-related crash can expect to lose nearly $50,000 in direct costs and that much again in quality of life expenses.

The dangers of a drunk driving accident are especially high for certain groups. Young people are more likely to be involved in an alcohol-related vehicle crash even if they are only slightly impaired. Motorcycle riders are also significantly more likely to be killed in an alcohol-related crash when compared to other drivers.

Car accidents of any kind are very serious. The motor vehicle accident expenses caused by an impaired driver can be extremely high. An attorney may be able to evaluate a client’s claim in an effort to determine who should be held responsible for a crash.

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