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Conference RoomIf you’re facing a drug charge, a drug crimes lawyer Baltimore, MD has to offer may be able to help. Through a free consultation, one of our lawyers at Greenberg Law Offices can listen to what you have to say and help determine the best course of action to take. Our careful analysis of cases and our unbiased support helps our clients’ situations get resolved as quickly as possible.

Why You Should Hire a Drug Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore, MD

All too often, people shy away from hiring a drug crime lawyer. Sometimes, this worry stems from concerns about discussing your alleged charge with a lawyer, while others may believe they do not need representation. Unfortunately, these worries may bring about extreme consequences from not hiring a drug crimes lawyer Baltimore, MD trusts.

Misdemeanor or felony drug charges may lead to heavy fines, jail or prison time, job loss, family problems, a permanent record, and many other significant life implications. When you hire a Baltimore, MD drug crimes lawyer, he or she can help tame the situation and work to avoid the harshest of penalties. Consider the following reasons for hiring Greenberg Law Offices:

Legal Knowledge and Experience

Technically, you can represent yourself in court; however, understanding what to do and how to navigate the legal process is of the utmost importance. A drug crimes lawyer Baltimore, MD residents turn to should be equipped with the legal knowledge and direct experience to represent you to the best of their ability.

Detailed Analysis of Your Case

A lawyer should listen to your entire story and review any evidence which has been brought against you. Through a thorough investigation, a Baltimore, MD drug crimes lawyer may determine whether or not your rights were infringed upon during your arrest or while you were being held. An experienced attorney may also be able to provide you with an honest review of your situation and give you the best and worst case scenarios.

Reduce or Dismiss Charges

A top drug crimes lawyer Baltimore, MD has to offer may determine if there is any legal basis to have your charges reduced or dismissed based upon a lack of evidence, rights violations, a first time offense, etc. Many lawyers have built relationships with prosecutors or judges and might be able to work out a special arrangement that is favorable to you.

Enable Evidence to Be Included or Excluded

Your case may be dependent upon evidence. In certain instances, there might be evidence that was obtained illegally, by heresy, or instead to support you. A lawyer may push for a motion to have evidence excluded from your case so it won’t hurt you in court. On the other hand, your lawyer might also strive to include evidence that supports your case.

Fight for a Reduction in Penalties

An experienced drug crimes lawyer Baltimore, MD has to offer understands how to effectively argue and fight for your case. Be it through a negotiated plea bargain or during sentencing, a lawyer may try to decrease or eliminate penalties including jail time, fees, permanent records, community service time, or probation.

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