Drug maker accused of causing child’s hearing problem

Drug maker accused of causing child’s hearing problem

Doctors and other medical professionals are expected to adequately care for expectant mothers and unborn children. Similarly, drug companies also have an obligation to do their part to help keep infants safe. They are required to clearly warn expectant mothers of any possible birth injuries that can arise while using certain drugs during a pregnancy.

One new mother claims that drug-making giant Pfizer Inc. failed to take such measures.

The woman, who recently filed a lawsuit against the company, was using Pfizer’s drug Zoloft prior to the delivery of her child in November of 2003. The drug is an anti-depressant that contains a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. More importantly, the drug can cause unborn children to contact malformations, defects and disorders.

However, the woman claims that she was not fully warned of these side effects, which is presumably why she continued taking them even while pregnant. Subsequently, her child was born with birth defects – more specifically, a hearing problem – and experienced developmental delays.

Not only is the woman claiming that Pfizer did not adequately warn both her and other pregnant women who use the drug, but her lawsuit stated that the drug maker purposely hid those facts.

The woman is seeking compensation for the medical attention her child required, in addition to court costs, attorney fees and other monetary damages.

The woman’s child is now permanently disabled. The child’s condition could have been avoided had the woman simply been better informed on the risks of the anti-depressant medication. Any parties that contribute to the injuries of an unborn child should be held accountable and be required to fund the expensive medical treatment that they will need for the rest of their lives.

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