DUI Lawyer Baltimore MD

DUI Lawyer Baltimore MDIf you’ve recently been charged with driving under the influence, you might be searching for a top DUI lawyer Baltimore MD has to offer. At the Greenberg Law Offices, we know that these legal situations can be very complicated and stressful for the individual charged. When a client comes to our firm seeking counsel for a DUI, we strive to provide counsel that our clients can depend on.

DUI Arrests: What You Need To Know

It’s common for individuals to seek counsel from a trusted DUI lawyer in Baltimore MD after a DUI arrest, solely because they have so many questions. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious charge and the consequences can have lasting impact.

A DUI conviction could affect your employment opportunities. A criminal record could potentially limit your ability to find employment that reflects your skill levels. Preserving future employment opportunities is a common reason to seek counsel from a DUI lawyer Baltimore MD trusts.

Convictions for driving under the influence could have consequences that last for years. Missing out on job opportunities is only the beginning when it comes to a DUI conviction. In addition to a criminal record, a person convicted of DUI might also face jail time and a high fine. This could severely impact the individual, and the wellbeing of his or her family, for years to come.

It is possible for a DUI charge to be dismissed due to procedural or clerical errors. Searching for these mistakes is something that a skilled Baltimore MD DUI lawyer would want to do right away. Small errors can have a big impact on the individual’s entire case. In some cases, one mistake might be important enough that the court can no longer pursue charges against someone. While this is not the case for every person’s legal situation, it is something that a skilled lawyer will know to look for.

DUI charges aren’t limited to alcohol use. An individual can be convicted of a DUI charge if he or she consumes another controlled substance that affects the ability to drive. In fact, it is even possible for an individual to be charged with DUI if he or she legally consumes a prescription medication that affects driving ability.

Reduced charges can have a major impact. Even when a DUI lawyer Baltimore MD provides cannot get the court to dismiss an individual’s case completely, it may still be possible to get the charges reduced.

Contact a DUI Lawyer Baltimore MD Residents Rely On

If you’re facing a DUI charge, it’s important to know that there’s a local law firm you can turn to for trusted legal counsel. At the Greenberg Law Offices, we understand just how stressful these charges can be — not only for the individual arrested, but also for their families. A DUI conviction can mean severe lifelong consequences that hurt the individual’s employment opportunities and enjoyment of daily life.

At the Greenberg Law Offices, we believe that it’s our job to provide excellent counsel to our clients who are facing DUI charges — no matter who they are. For more information about our firm, or to schedule a free case evaluation with a top DUI lawyer Baltimore MD trusts, contact the Greenberg Law Offices today at 410-539-5250 or 410-844-4854.

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