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If you were recently arrested for a DUI, you may benefit from speaking with a DUI lawyer Harford MD offers. The Greenberg Law Offices have provided exceptional legal services for the last 50 years. Call us without delay for a free consultation to discover how one of our attorneys can assist you.

An experienced Harford MD DUI lawyer from the Greenberg Law Offices can help protect your rights. A DUI charge can have long-term ramifications and be very costly. Hiring an attorney can be the best investment you make for your future.

Do You Really Need a DUI Lawyer?

This may be a question you’re asking yourself. The answer isn’t the same for everyone because every situation is different. For information specific to your case, it’s best to contact a DUI lawyer in Harford MD from our legal firm to review your case. However, here are some general guidelines. You should give serious consideration to hiring an attorney under any one of these circumstances:

  • When you need someone on your side who is familiar with the justice system, has experience with plea bargaining, and can handle complex legal procedures and issues.
  • You’re a repeat DUI offender.
  • There are aggravating or additional circumstances. For instance:
  • Reckless driving
  • A minor was present in the vehicle
  • Illegal narcotics were discovered in the vehicle
  • Your blood alcohol content was excessively high

Bargaining Your Plea

Another advantage that a DUI lawyer Harford MD offers can bring to the table is their ability to bargain your plea. This is when your attorney is able to reduce your DUI charge to something less such as reckless driving. An experienced DUI lawyer Harford MD drivers hire in similar circumstances is in a better position to achieve this than if you were to represent yourself. A lesser charge can mean less or no additional jail time, a reduced or waived fee, and other advantages.

Choosing a Hartford MD DUI Lawyer

Because of a DUI’s potential to affect your driving record, your insurance premiums, and the amount of your fine which can be quite steep, it’s important to choose an experienced attorney. The right attorney may be able to help you keep your driver’s license if it’s at risk after a DUI. A DUI lawyer Harford MD drivers choose from Greenberg Law Offices may make all the difference in the world for your case. Here are some tips when looking for a good attorney after a DUI arrest:

  • Choose a lawyer who has experience with DUI cases.
  • Take advantage of the free consultation offered by many DUI attorneys so that you can get a sense of how they may meet your needs.
  • Be clear on their fee. Ask if the price quote includes upfront costs as well as their representation fee. If this is out of your price range, ask if they offer payment options or credit financing.

Do not hesitate to call us at the Greenberg Law Offices to arrange a free consultation with a DUI lawyer Harford MD motorists trust.

How a DUI Could Impact You

When you are convicted of a DUI, our Hartford MD DUI lawyer knows that you are wondering what this will mean for your future. If you have no past convictions, you have a clean criminal record free of any felonies or misdemeanors. You may only have some traffic violations like speeding tickets or a parking ticket but these would not count as something on your criminal record. On the contrary, you may have many different criminal convictions and are concerned that one more criminal conviction like a DUI misdemeanor or felony will have a huge impact on where you can work and live. Our Hartford Maryland DUI lawyer from Greenberg Law Offices know that these charges are serious. We will look at all of the facts and evidence to see if there is a defense against these charges that works best in your situation. Call Greenberg Law Offices now to schedule your first appointment.

When is a DUI a misdemeanor or a felony?

If you are convicted of a DUI, it can go on your criminal record as a misdemeanor or a felony charge. The less serious of the two convictions is a misdemeanor.

DUI Misdemeanor. For those who have never been convicted of a DUI before (and have a clean record), our Hartford MD DUI lawyer will tell you that you may find more leniency in what the prosecution is pushing for. If no one was seriously injured because of your alleged driving under the influence, you would likely be looking at a misdemeanor DUI conviction that carries significantly fewer punishments than a felony DUI conviction. You may see punishments like:

  • Up to a year in jail
  • Fines up to $1,000
  • Driver’s license suspension for several months
  • Requirements for an ignition interlock system

DUI lawyer trusted in Hartford MD share that consequences will depend on a variety of factors, including whether someone was injured, you destroyed personal property, this was your first offense, and the state you live in. If this was not your first offense, you may be required to serve mandatory jail time.

DUI Felony. You may be wondering what situations may constitute a DUI charge becoming a felony. Many people find that the prosecution will push for a felony conviction if:

  • This is not your first DUI offense
  • You have seriously injured or killed someone
  • There were minor children in the car

Your Hartford MD DUI lawyer can help protect your legal rights if you are facing punishments that may include:

  • A year or more in jail or prison
  • Fines larger than $1,000
  • Driver’s license suspension for several years or permanently
  • Requirements for an ignition interlock system

If you have been charged with a DUI and are concerned about having a criminal record or adding to a criminal record, call Greenberg Law Offices as soon as possible. Our Hartford Maryland DUI lawyers are here to help you with your DUI charges.

Common Mistakes to Avoid After a DUI Charge

Getting charged with a DUI is certainly not a pleasant experience. You may feel upset, angry and scared about your future. All of these emotions can cloud your judgment and cause you to make mistakes that could harm your case. It’s important to stay as calm as possible and avoid doing something that could jeopardize your future. Here are some common mistakes that a DUI lawyer in Harford, MD frequently sees.

-Making Light of a DUI Charge: DUIs are fairly common offenses. However, that doesn’t mean you should just brush off your charge and act like it’s no big deal. Even if it’s your first DUI charge, it could carry serious consequences, like heavy fines, loss of driving privileges and jail time.

-Admitting Guilt: Even if you failed the breathalyzer test, you shouldn’t admit any guilt without first speaking to a DUI lawyer in Harford, MD. Some of the evidence stacked against you might not be admissible in court. For instance, if the police pulled you over without probable cause, your case may get thrown out.

-Talking to the Police: If you were arrested for a DUI, the police will likely ask to speak to you about your case. However, no matter how nice they seem, you should avoid telling them information about your case. The police aren’t there to help you. They’re simply asking you questions to stack information against you. Whatever you tell them can be used against you in court later on. Tell the police that you don’t want to speak to them without a DUI lawyer in Harford, MD.

-Not Trying to Get Your Driving Privileges Back: After you’ve been arrested for a DUI, your driver’s license will automatically be suspended. However, you should still request an administrative hearing to regain these privileges. If you can’t drive, it will be difficult to get to work and other important places, especially if there is no public transportation in your area. You’ll have to rely on family member and friends to drive you around.

-Driving on a Suspended License: Despite getting their driver’s license suspended because of a DUI charge, a DUI lawyer in Harford, MD has still seen some people continue to drive. Although it’s certainly tough to get by without driving, you shouldn’t attempt to drive on a suspended license. You could face fines and jail time.

-Failing to Hire a Lawyer: A DUI carries some pretty heavy penalties, so you don’t want to face it on your own. It’s in your best interests to hire an experienced DUI lawyer in Harford, MD as soon as possible. He or she can help you build a strong defense, reduce your penalties and protect your legal rights. Many DUI lawyers offer free initial consultations, so there’s no risk to speaking to one.


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