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Conference RoomA skilled DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD offers, like those at Greenberg Law Offices, is available to provide you with qualified legal support. Whether you’ve been arrested and charged or are facing charges, seeking guidance from a lawyer who understands the complexities and urgency of such an issue is usually recommended. Through a free consultation, one of our lawyers may discuss what your options are and design a course of action to help protect your rights.

What You Should Do When Charged with a DWI

If you are being accused of driving while intoxicated and are facing charges, you may want to consider speaking to a DWI lawyer in Baltimore, MD as soon as possible. DWIs are often pushed through the legal system relatively quickly; thus, you may feel pressured into pleading guilty or admitting to things that are not completely true. In our justice system, you do have the right to remain silent, and it may be helpful to refrain from speaking to police officers or other government personnel until you speak with a DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD trusts.

Although remaining silent is often the best option, you may have already discussed your charges with the police or submitted field sobriety, blood, or urine tests. Even in these situations, a lawyer may be able to take on your case and continue with the process in the most results-orientate manner. Furthermore, a Baltimore, MD DWI lawyer may be able to perform an investigation of your arrest, charges, and case to determine whether or not any violations occurred.

How You Might Be Impacted by a DWI

A DWI may lead to serious, long-term repercussions in addition to those that are immediately noticeable. As soon as you’ve been charged with a DWI, you may experience disruptions in your daily life, leading to accumulated stress, worry, and fear. A DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD residents rely on can help to alleviate these feelings and reduce the negative aftermath. Some possible outcomes of a DWI include:

  • Large fines and fees
  • The loss of a driver’s license
  • Complete or partial job loss
  • Routine blood, breathalyzer, or urine testing
  • Monthly monitoring fees (i.e., tether)
  • Court or incarceration fees
  • Car towing/impounding
  • Increased insurance costs
  • Family hardship

An experienced DWI lawyer in Baltimore, MD may be able to come to an arrangement with the prosecutor or judge that might ultimately reduce these costs.

Getting Support from a DWI Lawyer Baltimore, MD Has to Offer

A DWI lawyer can do far more than file your case paperwork. With a determined attitude and a strong desire to seek the outcome you’re looking for, a DWI lawyer in Baltimore, MD may be exactly what you need. Your lawyer can help advocate on your behalf and speak for you when you’re unsure of how to answer complicated questions.  In addition to being beneficial for your overall case, the support of a lawyer may be invaluable for your emotional well being and mindset.

Scheduling a Free Consultation with Greenberg Law Offices

A DWI might impact your life in a variety of ways. By reaching out for legal support, your rights may be better protected while you avoid harsh penalties. Whether you’ve been charged, or are facing charges from a DWI, the attorneys at Greenberg Law Offices are interested in speaking with you. For a free consultation with a DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD respects, please call today.

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