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Know your Rights For a DUI/DWI Charge

DWI Lawyer Towson MDFor those who are facing a serious conviction of driving while under the influence, they may seek the counsel of a DWI lawyer at Greenberg Law Offices to oversee their case. Over many years, the punishments for DUI/DWI have become increasingly more severe. We highly recommend hiring an attorney who has experience in this area. You may be facing overly steep fines, and having to serve potential jail time. When it comes to DUI/DWI cases, we do not back down easily. We can utilize strategic and aggressive methods to increase the chances of a verdict in your favor.

Being accused of a DUI/DWI can ruin your reputation among loved ones, and can result in a suspension of your license. We understand this time may be very challenging for you and will do what we can to alleviate stress. We recommend taking the following steps immediately following being charged with a DUI/DWI:

  • Request a hearing with your DMV office within 10 days of your arrest, to fight to keep your license from suspension.
  • Check in with your insurance company, who may terminate your coverage due to the
  • DUI/DWI charge.
  • Review the police report associated with your DUI/DWI arrest, keep a copy for yourself and a second copy for your attorney to look over.
  • Hire a Towson MD DWI lawyer so you can understand the process more fully, and are educated about what is to happen next.
  • Know what your options are during your court case (plea bargain or trial). Your attorney can assist with representing you and speaking up on your behalf during this proceeding.

It is important you know your rights when it comes to the legal system. Our legal team can help answer any questions or concerns you have through each step of your trial. By hiring a DWI lawyer at Greenberg Law Offices, you can rest easier knowing we can take on part of the challenge with you. We can assist with completing paperwork, keep your trial in court running smoothly and try to minimize the extent of your penalties.

We may be able to find loopholes in how your arrest happened. The breathalyzer may not have worked properly, your blood test could have been flawed and the officer may of have no legitimate reason to pull you over in the first place. We can scrutinize the evidence brought to the table against you and can work tirelessly to protect you from facing extensive jail time or fees.

Please give us a call today to reach a DWI lawyer Towson MD clients recommend at Greenberg Law Offices, so we can award you your first free consultation. We can schedule an appointment for you to come into our offices so a member of our legal team can go over the details of your DUI/DWI arrest in more detail. We hope to hear from you very soon about how we can be of service to your DUI/DWI trial.

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