Falling on Someone Else’s Property

Falling on Someone Else’s Property

Property owners have a responsibility to their guests and visitors to maintain safe and reasonable conditions on their property. When a failure to keep safe conditions causes injury to a person because of tripping, slipping, or otherwise falling to the ground, the legal principal of premises liability comes into play. Premises liability holds property owners responsible for the injuries inflicted by their negligence, and with the help of a skilled premises liability attorney, this legal principal can allow the victims of these injuries to recover damages from the aftermath of these injuries.

Where a person falls can contribute significantly to their injuries, and subsequently can influence settlement negotiations or litigation. For example, a negligent store owner might decline to keep track of a cement entrance way that would get slick during storms. Without someone keeping the area dry or a sign to inform customers that the area is a tripping hazard, a customer can easily sustain minor or severe injuries by falling on the hard cement floor. As these injuries could have been avoided had the property owners fulfilled their duty to maintain safe conditions for the customers, a premises liability attorney would be able to make a case against the store. These same principals do not only apply to stores, but also to homes, government buildings, parks, and roads. Other types of dangerous surfaces can be broken sidewalks, poor railings, or concealed tripping hazards.

The more dangerous the hazard, the more significant the property owner’s duty to ensure that it does not pose a risk to the visitors. This concept can play significantly into a premises liability lawsuit and can greatly increase the damages recovered. Many premises liability cases will be settled between the parties before going to court, and the greater the clarity of negligence on the part of the property owner and the more significant the injuries, the higher the likelihood that they will offer a significant settlement to avoid going to court.

Without an experienced personal injury attorney Atlanta GA trusts by your side, these court proceedings to recover damages from your accident can seem nearly impossible. Especially if your injuries are significant, the stress of a premises liability lawsuit can be absolutely overwhelming. To ensure that you recover the money that you are owed so that you can heal properly, the best thing to do after falling and receiving medical attention is call a premises liability attorney and allow them to fight for you.

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