Filing a Knee Personal Injury Claim

Filing a Knee Personal Injury Claim

When a knee injury occurs, day to day functioning can be impacted in a substantial way. Not only is this quite a hardship, it can also be incredibly painful. It can be frustrating to say the least to struggle through normal tasks such as getting out of bed due to an injury. The following examines personal injury claims, the most common types of knee injuries and the benefit to hiring a personal injury attorney.

Injury of the Meniscus

  • Between the tibia and femur bones, there is meniscus cartilage that absorbs any type of impact on the bones.
  • When the tissue is healthy and intact, it results in the knee functioning smoothly and with ease.
  • When the tissue is damaged, the results can be incredibly painful.
  • There are two types of tears:
      • Small Tear: this will often heal on its own
      • Complete Tear: Healing from a complete tear can involve a higher level of intervention. In most cases, physical therapy and even surgery may be required in order to completely heal from the injury.

Ruptures and Tendon Tears

  • There are two types of tendons that surround the knee and can be prone to injury in particular:
      • Patellar Tendon
      • Quadriceps Tendon
  • The recovery process from the tearing of a tendon can take a really long time and in more extreme cases, may even result in surgery

Fracturing the Knee

  • There are four types of fractures that can take place in the knee cap all of which can have variations in terms of their severity.
      • Stable Fractures, often can heal from resting the injury
      • Comminuted Fracture
      • Open Fracture can be much more severe and even require surgery
      • Displaced Fracture

Personal Injury Attorney

It will be important that you are prepared to answer questions around your case when it comes to meeting with a personal injury attorney. They will have many questions for you when they are in the process of assessing your case and how best to move forward. The following information will be important to have on hand for your consultation:

  • Medical Documentation
  • Bills or expenses that you have had as the result of the injury
  • Pay stubs if you were not able to work
  • Information around the accident and whether or not there were any witnesses

It will be important that you are as detail oriented as possible when providing your personal injury attorney with information around your knee injury. The smallest details could be of great importance. The more you are able to provide them with, the better equipped they will be to help you throughout the legal process.

Suffering from a knee injury can have a big impact on your life and daily functioning. Your injury may result in severe pain that impacts your mobility. Work an experienced therapist such as the knee pain doctor locals turn to. Contacting a personal injury attorney will also be important in going over case details, and bringing forth a lawsuit for you injury.



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