First Steps After a Birth Injury

First Steps After a Birth Injury

When you arrive for your consultation, we will ask you questions about your child’s gestation and about his or her birth. If you have yet to write down your memories of this time and/or any questions you may have, it may benefit you to do so before you come in to meet with us. As time passes, the clarity of traumatic memories may fade into a self-protective blur. Making sure that your memories are preserved can be a valuable exercise should you ultimately choose to file a legal claim. With that said, if it feels too overwhelming to take this step right now, your Baltimore birth injury lawyer will do a conscious job of asking questions in a compassionate, focused manner.

Once you have been advised of your legal options, chances are you will be able to decide whether or not to file a claim against the individuals and/or entities responsible for harming your child. If you do decide to file a claim, a Baltimore birth injury lawyer will walk you through every step of the process and will give you a solid impression of how much financial compensation your child stands to gain by seeing this action through. Given how expensive it can be to treat birth injuries, this compensation may prove to be important to his or her continued access to medical care. 

Legal Assistance for Your Child from a Birth Injury Lawyer Baltimore Trusts

If your child has suffered from a birth injury, speak with the trusted Baltimore birth injury lawyer from Greenberg Law Offices. Being a new parent can be one of the scariest, yet most rewarding experiences a person may have. There is so much that may be going on in your mind about your child’s future or the personality they may develop over time. There is an abundance of joy to be felt after the delivery process as you finally welcome your child into the world. The last thing you want is to hear that your child has a birth injury condition. What you may not realize at the time was that this condition might have resulted from poor medical care provided by the medical staff or doctor who delivered your baby. A birth injury lawyer in Baltimore from Greenberg Law Offices is all too familiar with this tragic scenario.

When you discover your child has a birth injury, it can take a joyous occasion and turn it into a time of worry and stress. Instead of focusing on how happy your new family is, you are likely worried about hospital visits, possible physical therapy, and even what this means for your child as an adult. When something goes wrong in the delivery room and your child has suffered from a birth injury, you want answers. Our Baltimore, Maryland birth injury lawyer is here to help you understand what causes birth injuries, what the types of birth injuries are, and how we can help you with your birth injury claim. We know that finding out your child has a birth injury is disheartening and scary. Let us help you through this process.

Here we have gone over information about post-birth conditions and how a Baltimore birth injury attorney from Greenberg Law Offices can help offer legal assistance during this heartbreaking time. We have helped victims and their families seek justice for more than 50 years. We take pride in offering quality, compassionate, and skilled legal services. If your child suffered a birth injury, we may be able to help you recover the financial costs associated with the special care they may require throughout their life. Call our firm today to request a free consultation with a birth injury lawyer who may be able to help you and your family.

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