Get a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Claim

Get a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Claim

How confident are you with personal injury law? Do you believe you can make a valid and convincing legal argument about liability? How do you think you would fare against a team of experienced defense attorneys? If you do not have the legal knowledge, you should never try to argue your own personal injury case. There are at least four reasons to hire an attorney to argue your claim.


Licensed attorneys spent years and thousands of dollars collecting and mastering legal knowledge, so you don’t have to. Most attorneys spent a minimum of seven years achieving their undergraduate and graduate degrees. While time alone is not an adequate evaluation of skill, every lawyer must pass their state’s bar exam proving their knowledge and ability to argue legal cases. Unless you have a law degree, why would you ever consider arguing your own claim?


In addition to a high-level education, most attorneys have experience arguing cases in court. What does your courtroom experience look like? Trials are structured and organized events with many rules, contributing to the overall decorum of the courtroom. A lack of understanding of these practices can result in frustration and anger on all sides. Hiring a lawyer ensures a trial and settlement negotiations remain professional and on point.


Lawyers spend a better part of their career networking and cultivating professional relationships. Hiring a personal injury attorney who is familiar with the defense attorneys can give you an advantage. Your attorney may understand how the other side negotiates and argues, making it easier for them to create a counter-argument. Also, that same level of familiarity with judges can aid in the construction of courtroom arguments.

Success Rate

One thing every plaintiff needs to keep in mind is that your success often depends on having an attorney. Lawyers automatically improve a client’s odds for a favorable verdict or settlement. It has also been proven that clients without an attorney often get smaller settlement offers than those with. The difference between results is likely because of legal expertise and experience.

No amount of confidence can make up for lack of experience and knowledge. While it is tempting to argue your own personal injury claim, the odds of success are not in your favor. Instead, contact a personal injury lawyer, like from Darrell Castle & Associates, to discuss the merits of your claim. The lawyer can help you determine whether taking your claim to court is worthwhile.

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