Handling Criminal Charges During a Divorce

Handling Criminal Charges During a Divorce

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When enduring a divorce, the process is sure to be contentious. It’s important that you are careful during this process to ensure that you are able to reach a resolution as quickly as possible, and in a way, that benefits you. When your divorce coincides with pending criminal charges, the process can surely become complicated. It’s only natural that you will have some level of concern over how criminal charges stand to impact the outcome of your divorce. Working with a criminal defense lawyer can provide you with key pieces of knowledge and the answers to any questions you may have. 

Could I lose custody of my children?

Depending upon the crime you are facing, your access to your children may be impacted. If you were engaged in illegal activity, custody of your children may be impacted. In some cases, a judge may order contact of your children to be limited and supervised. The judge will look to the specifics surrounding your criminal charges to determine the best interest of the child. This will include factors such as:

  • The type of charges
  • The victims
  • Whether your children were present
  • The number of convictions you have had

How might a criminal case impact my family during a divorce?

One case can most certainly impact the other. Criminal charges have the ability to impact the outcome of your divorce settlement and custody of your child. There can be a lot riding on the two. While you will most certainly be looking for the most favorable outcome in both situations, it’s key that you retain legal counsel to ensure that your rights are protected. 

What could the impact be on my children if I am incarcerated?

One of the most important factors to a criminal case, is the impact that a possible criminal conviction can have on your children. While incarceration can be a terrifying prospect, the impact should your children be separated from you, is even greater. Not only will your children be unable to have regular care from you, and access to you, research shows that they may struggle socially and educationally as a result. 

How will a divorce lawyer and criminal defense lawyer work together?

When facing these two types of cases, you will want to make sure that you retain a lawyer or lawyers with experience in each of these areas of the law. A criminal defense lawyer and divorce lawyer will work closely together to reduce the impact that both you and your family experience as a result of both criminal charges and divorce. It’s vital that you find lawyers who are willing to work with one another to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Managing both a criminal case and divorce proceedings can be incredibly complicated and challenging. Because of this, you will need to have an experienced lawyer by your side to advise you of the appropriate steps to take. Contact experienced criminal defense lawyers in Rockville, MD for the help you need. 

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