How to Help Your Children Cope With Divorce

How to Help Your Children Cope With Divorce

Handling a divorce can take a serious toll on you — finding a family lawyer in Baltimore, sorting out documents and making time for court dates is enough to drain anyone. During this difficult time, it’s important to remember that your children are likely also dealing with stress over the divorce. While you may be mainly focused on getting through the process, there are steps you can (and should) take to help your children adjust after this major life change. With effort on yours and your spouse’s part, you can make the transition easier for everyone involved.

Stay Calm

Divorce has a way of causing turbulence in families, which can lead to outbursts, arguments and generally negative behaviors. This can be very harmful for children, so it’s important to stay as calm as possible throughout the procedure. When making court appearances, meeting with a family lawyer in Baltimore or working with any difficult subject matter, present yourself as calm and reassuring in front of your children. Let them know that everything is under control, and that you and your spouse are working hard to finish the proceedings. Your positive attitude can inspire much needed confidence and comfort for your children!

Be Civil

You may have understandably negative feelings toward your spouse, and you may not want to be especially friendly with them. However, seeing hostile interactions between parents can be difficult and even traumatizing for children of all ages; in light of this, it’s crucial for you and your spouse to be as civil as possible in front of the kids. Be polite, be respectful and steer clear of using derogatory language toward each other. Whether your spouse is present or not, don’t use insults or try to negatively sway your children’s opinions of them.

Acknowledge Everyone’s Emotions

Tensions will no doubt run high throughout the divorce process, and your children need to be able to express themselves openly. They may have a mix of feelings about the divorce, and it’s your job as a parent to make them feel seen and heard. Talk to them and give them the opportunity to tell you what they think, and let them show their anger, sadness, anxiety and any other difficult emotions in any safe way they prefer. Your children may want to argue, vent, blow off steam through art or physical activity, cry on your shoulder or be left alone — whatever the case may be, encourage them to work through their emotions as long as they aren’t presenting any danger to themslves or anyone else.

Divorce is a stressful situation, and your children will need you more than ever while you work with a family lawyer in Baltimore. Make yourself available to them, and ask your spouse to do the same. The more chances you give your kids to communicate, express themselves and ask questions, the better than can cope and overcome with their personal hardships. At the end of the day, the best thing you and your spouse can do is remind your children that you love them.

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