Information On Side Swipe Accidents

Information On Side Swipe Accidents

Information On Side Swipe Accidents

An accident is considered a side swipe accident when one vehicle runs into the side of another vehicle. For example, someone doesn’t check their mirrors before switching lanes or they must swerve to avoid another issue, and, as a result, the side of their vehicle impacts the side of another vehicle.

What are the most common causes of these accidents? How dangerous are side swipe accidents when compared to other types? What should you do if you’re involved in this kind of accident? Can you lessen your risk of being involved? A car accident lawyer will answer those questions now:

Most Common Causes

The most common causes of a side swipe accident include:

  • Sudden lane change
  • Failure to signal or a broken signal
  • Not checking mirrors and blind spots for other vehicles
  • Improper merging
  • Aggressive driving

Many side swipe accidents are caused by distracted drivers on the road.

Is A Side Swipe Accident More Or Less Dangerous?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this type of accident contributes to over 25,000 injuries and 2,500 fatalities each year. A very minor or minor side swipe is likely to be less serious than one at a high speed that causes one or more drivers to lose control of their vehicle.

What Should You Do If You’re Involved In This Type Of Accident?

If you’re involved in a sideswipe accident, there are some steps you should take according to our friends at Herschensohn Law Firm, PLLC:

  1. Call the police. If it’s a minor side swipe, you or others involved may not need emergency medical care. However, a police report is a helpful tool for you, any attorney you may hire, and the insurance company.
  2. Do not apologize. Even a friendly, “I’m sorry,” may be misunderstood as you taking responsibility for the accident.
  3. Get insurance and other necessary information from all parties involved. If necessary, the police can help with this.
  4. Take photos of the accident scene, vehicles, and injuries if possible.
  5. Get medical care as soon as possible. Even if you don’t feel as if you’re hurt, it’s vital to make sure. Internal injuries often have few to no symptoms.
  6. Report the accident to the insurance company, but don’t sign anything or give a forma statement without talking with a lawyer. Insurance companies are known to play hard-ball. They may not provide you with what you’re legally entitled to receive. Talk with a lawyer before you sign anything or give a recorded official statement.
  7. Consider hiring an attorney experienced in side swipe accident claims. Remember that while the insurance company has an entire legal team. The insurance company or their legal team may not be able to provide you with legal advice unless the insurance company appointed a lawyer to represent you.

An Ounce Of Prevention

You may not be able to “cure” or fully protect yourself from a side-swipe, but understanding how “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” can help keep you safe.


  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Always check your mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes
  • Do not practice aggressive driving or speed
  • Practice safe merging by merging early

Stay safer! If you are involved in an accident, reach out to a lawyer near you for help.

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