What are the Legal Options for a Severe Personal Injury?

What are the Legal Options for a Severe Personal Injury?

It can be scary when a personal injury thought to be mild becomes much more severe. You may be able to take legal action if the injury was received due to another person’s negligence. It is likely that you have expenses from your injury which may entitle you to compensation for expenses such as damages, medical bills and lost wages. The following outlines important points when pursuing a personal injury claim.

Accepting a Settlement

Only a small number of personal injury cases actually sees trial, only about three percent, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Mediation is when a professional manages a negotiation between parties regarding a settlement. Mediation is a common way that compensation is determined and can be an alternative to court. It usually will help to swiftly settle a case which can be especially helpful if you are in need of immediate financial assistance for your injuries. Chances of receiving a fair settlement usually increase if it’s fairly obvious that the other party was negligent. By settling out of court, you can avoid the stress of going through a timely trial process.

Statute of Limitations and Damages

An attorney will be helpful in determining the statute of limitations as it varies depending on the state that you live. This is especially important if you are injured and have delayed symptoms, which can delay the filing of a lawsuit. Your attorney will also be able to evaluate the case and help to determine the types of damages you may be entitled to collect. Most likely your claim will include damages such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Punitive damages

Working with Experts

You will need to prove that you were injured from the accident that occurred. It is vital that you seek medical advice as soon as you are aware of injuries. You will want to work closely with a doctor to determine what types of treatment will be needed. Medical professionals are also important because their evaluation can help to build a solid personal injury case. An experienced attorney such as the brain injury lawyer Phoenix, AZ who practices all personal Injury areas may even utilize expert witnesses to testify to the injuries that were received to help prove your claim. Usually an attorney will have regular expert witnesses that they employ for such situations.

It will be important to contact a personal injury attorney if you are considering whether or not to pursue a personal injury claim. They will be able to figure out the best way to move forward by looking over the details of your case. An attorney with experience will be able to help by acquiring witnesses and ensuring that all required evidence is gathered. There is no risk in speaking with an attorney because, in most cases, personal injury attorneys offer initial consultations for free.

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