Maryland accident claims young mother

Maryland accident claims young mother

Family members and co-workers were left to mourn the death of a 31-year-old Maryland woman, as police investigated the car accident that took her life.

Police officials said they suspect they know part of the story. As the woman headed toward her job in the afternoon rush hour at a fast-food restaurant in Montgomery County, Maryland, two drivers who could have been in a race approached her car, police said.

The woman was traveling eastbound, headed toward her restaurant job in Colesville, Maryland. As one of the cars made a quick change of lanes, the woman tried to avoid an accident. After her move, her Nissan Altima wound up overturning, skidding while upside down and running into a fire hydrant. Before its motion had stopped, the car wound up right side up.

The woman died soon after. Her manager said the victim was less than five minutes from work when the crash occurred.

The drivers of two other cars, one believed to be a gray sedan and the other a green Mini Cooper model, didn’t stop. Police had not immediately located the drivers and were asking for witnesses to step forward. At the time of the accident, about 4 p.m., several cars likely would have been passing by, police said.

The victim left behind a husband and 4-year-old daughter, as well as two teenagers who live in Honduras with extended family.

Co-workers said the woman had grown into the model employee, overcoming her initial shyness. She eagerly accepted tasks and conversed well with customers and co-workers, letting her friendly demeanor shine through.

When the drivers are found, they could likely face serious charges. And while it may not technically be a hit-and-run, the drivers should have known that they had a duty to stay on the scene and call for help.

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