Maryland entrepreneur hopes to prevent brain injuries

Maryland entrepreneur hopes to prevent brain injuries

A brain injury, regardless of the cause, can be extremely serious. This can lead to a variety of issues, including but not limited to difficulty remembering the past, nausea, headaches and much more.

Brain Sentry, a company started by a Maryland entrepreneur, is hoping to cut back on the number of brain injuries sustained by football players.

This device only weighs an ounce and attaches to the back of any football helmet. After a player takes a hard hit to the head, the sensor lights up. This notifies the sideline that the player may have been injured, thus giving them the ability to run the appropriate tests.

The company is on the right track, as it has already raised $2 million from investors, including one who was a former football player at the University of Maryland.

At this time, the company has six workers out of its Bethesda officer; however, if things keeping moving in the right direction, this could change in the future.

Just last month, the company reached a big milestone when the Arena Football League jumped onboard, requiring all players to wear the sensors. With the help of the Brain Sentry Impact Counter, personal injury on the football field related to playing after a blow to the head can be minimized.

Every year throughout the United States, from pee wee to professional football, players are injured when they take a hit to the head. With the help of this technology, fewer players will stay on the field when injured, which will lead to a healthier future, fewer lawsuits and fewer disagreements between players and their respective leagues.

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